The Remote Area Health Corps has offices in Canberra, Darwin and Alice Springs. Meet our Team below

Tanya Brunt - National Manager

Tanya Brunt, RAHC's National Manager is based in the Canberra office and leads all RAHC offices including Alice Springs, Darwin and Canberra. Tanya has worked with RAHC for over six years since she joined the team in 2010 as Placement Manager and has a deep understanding of the Indigenous health sector. Tanya actively liaises with RAHC’s stakeholders and funding body, the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health in the Department of Health.

In her role as Placement Manger she was responsible for the recruitment of General Practitioners for placements in the Northern Territory and managed and provided guidance to the team of placement consultants specialising in dentistry, nursing and audiology.  Prior to joining RAHC Tanya worked in the ICT, banking and government sectors.

Margie Groom - Operations Team Leader, Darwin

Margie, RAHC’s Operations Manager, takes responsibility for the travel and logistics of all RAHC health professionals. She is the smiling and calm voice that helps RAHC health professionals with their travel and accommodation needs and oversees regional coordination and logistics across the Northern Territory.
Margie comes to the position with a long and distinguished background in the travel industry, having worked in ticketing, flight inventories and office administration. She has also assisted in human resource development and corporate services projects. 

Aaron Richardson - Acting Clinical Manager

Aaron, RAHC’s Acting Clinical Manager, has been working with RAHC as a Health Professional since 2009, and as a direct employee of RAHC since 2011. Aaron has a strong commitment to delivering quality health outcomes for the communities and is responsible for the maintenance of the RAHC online learning modules, the RAHC Health Professional Login section of the website as well as assisting the clinical team with support for Health Professionals while on placement.
Aaron has gained extensive experience working as a nurse in a variety of health disciplines and has previously worked for Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporate in Tennant Creek. More recently he worked at Walgett Aboriginal Medical service.
Outside of work, Aaron enjoys fishing, camping, driving and golf.

Genevieve Lewis - Clinical Coordinator, Alice Springs

Genevieve, RAHC’s Clinical Coordinator, has been based in Alice Springs since 2012 where she is a point of contact for health professionals while on placement; providing clinical support and guidance to Central Australia and Barkly. 
Genevieve brings experience from both urban and remote nursing in South Australia and the Northern territory. After working in aged care for 18 years, Genevieve became interested in Indigenous health after a trip to the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands. Since this time she has spent six years as a Remote Area Nurse at Utju (Areyonga) west of Alice Springs including some time as the Clinic Manager.
Genevieve enjoys camping, bushwalking and literature and in 2011 was recognised for her efforts in remote and Indigenous health in winning the Administrators Medal in Primary Health Care. 

Chris Kuhl - Senior Travel and Logistics Coordinator, Darwin

Chris, RAHC’s Travel and Logistics Coordinator, has been based in Darwin for over 20 years and is now the Travel and Logistics Coordinator, having also worked as the Regional Coordinator for the top end. 
Chris has a strong background working in administrative roles in the health service sector and uses this experience to provide the Canberra and Darwin RAHC teams as well as the Health Professionals to make sure placements are successful and rewarding experiences and is pleased to be making a contribution to closing the gap.
Chris enjoys yoga, dance, camping and parenting her three children.

Elisa Solien - Top End Regional Coordinator, Darwin

Elisa joined the Darwin RAHC team in February 2016, employed as the Travel and Logistics Coordinator was promoted to the Top End Regional Coordinator in May 2016.

Elisa will be the primary point of contact while the HP is on placement.  She prides herself to deliver a positive placement experience for all health professionals (HPs), and effectively and efficiently manage the HPs transport and the logistics on the ground.

With her extensive administrative and marketing skills, passion for customer service, and life experiences, she carefully manages the requirements of her clients to ensure that a smooth and seamless experience is enjoyed by all parties involved.

Elisa likes travelling and loves the Top End lifestyle, especially the outdoor activities, such as camping and fishing and loves spending time with her family and friends.

Lisa White - Regional Coordinator Central Australia and Barkly, Alice Springs

Lisa, RAHC’s Regional Coordinator, joined the team in mid-2014 and provides support to health professionals during their placement in Central Australia.  
Lisa has gained valuable local knowledge in relation to people, places and wide open spaces having moved to Central Australia in 1989. She has worked in central and remote communities in both the public and private sectors, in roles including project management, human resource management, training, and business development. 
Lisa has travelled overseas extensively and has a special interest in Nepal. Lisa loves to spend quality time with music, dogs, friends and family, wild birds/critters, camp fires and starry skies.

Candice Catterall - Placement Manager, Canberra

Candice, RAHC’s Placement Manager, manages the Placement Team and recruitment of General Practitioners.

Candice has worked for RAHC since 2011 and had previously managed the recruitment of Registered Nurses and Allied Health.

Prior to commencing with RAHC Candice worked as an Employment Assistant Consultant with  a Job Services Australia agency where she was responsible for placing candidates of varied skill levels and with varied barriers in a number of industries across Canberra.


Shanti Galla – Placement Consultant, Canberra

Shanti, RAHC's Placement Consultant, joined the team in May 2015 as Office Coordinator. She previously provided support to applying health professionals throughout the application and credentialing process and recently moved to a role in placements looking after the Nurses and Allied Health group.

Shanti graduated from the Australian National University in 2013, majoring in Psychology and Sociology. She spent 2014 in Denmark, Copenhagen working and volunteering in various organisations.

Shanti likes to camp, hike, read and going to gigs in her spare time.

Erin Mann – Placement Consultant, Canberra

Erin is the Placement Consultant for Oral and Ear Health, since joining the RAHC team recently in November 2016.

Prior to joining RAHC, Erin worked as part of the Recruitment Team, recruiting Health Professionals for the Defence On-base Health Services Project within Aspen Medical, for 3 ½ years. Erin’s main focus was the recruitment of Allied Health staff.

Outside of work, Erin loves spending time with her family and friends, reality TV and watching Ice Hockey.

Bronte Agostini – Administration Officer, Canberra

Bronte is new to the Canberra RAHC team. She finished Year 12 in 2015 and had the oppunrtinty to gain a Certificate III in Business as part of an Australian School-Based Apprenticeship. Bronte boasts a number of strong administrative skills including a high level of customer service, strong Microsoft office knowledge and professional outlook. Bronte is eager to expand her RAHC and office based knowledge and is well on her way to doing this.

Bronte describes herself as bubbly, outgoing and fun loving. Outside of work, Bronte enjoys retail therapy.  


Karen Zaveri – Brand Manager, Canberra

Karen is responsible for developing, establishing and managing professional marketing and communications strategies and campaigns for RAHC.

Karen comes with years of experience in Marketing Communications and has led many projects across multinational organisations towards achieving communication outcomes through an integrated approach. A developed marketing acumen, combined with positive attitude, enthusiasm and team player spirit, is what sums her up as a professional.

Karen enjoys exploring scenic nature trails, photography and gastronomy.


Farah Al-Gailani – Finance Officer, Canberra

Farah, RAHC”s Finance Officer, joined the team in 2014 and is responsible for accounts receivable, accounts payable, day-to-day accounting tasks as well as assisting with financial reporting. Farah is also a key point of contact for clients and suppliers with regard to finance.
Farah brings experience from diverse roles and areas such as Administration and Retail, with a three work experience in Washington DC. Holds an MBA from Strayer University Virgina, United States and is currently studying toward her CPA qualification.

Farah enjoys travelling, learning new skills, and doing some volunteer work on her free time.  

Stella Wei – Finance Manager, Canberra

Stella joined Aspen group in 2012 and has worked on various jobs including, but not limited to Ebola project, group taxes, overseas subsidiaries management, etc.

She recently moved on to the RAHC project in November 2016 and is responsible for financial and management reporting, budget and cash management, and overseeing financial operations.

Stella has a Master degree of Professional Accounting and Bachelor of Law. She is currently a provisional member of Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia.

In Memoriam

Annette WalkerAnnette Walker
1973 to 2012
Annette Walker passed away on December 30 2012.
Annette was a valued member of the RAHC team. She joined RAHC in 2009 as a consultant and then became Placement Manager in 2010. Annette was dedicated to her work, colleagues and supporting health professionals achieve successful placements. In recent times she had been responsible for GP placements and had successfully applied her many skills to building the volume of these placements. It was a pleasure to work with her and enjoy her vivacious personality, her caring nature and commitment to getting the job done. Annette is survived by her husband and 3 beautiful boys.