South East Arnhem

Major Communities - Mainland

NamePopulationResource Centre
Numbulwar1100Roper Gulf Shire Council

Major Communities – Groote Eyelandt and Islands

NamePopulationResource Centre
Alyangula800East Arnhem Shire Council
Angurugu850East Arnhem Shire Council
Milyakburra180East Arnhem Shire Council
Umbakumba467East Arnhem Shire Council



Health Services in the South East Arnhem Area


The clinic is a NT Government DHF clinic with; 2 nurses from DHCS, GP from the Aboriginal Medical Service - Miwatj, 3 full-time Aboriginal Health Workers and 2 full-time Aboriginal Health Worker Trainees.

The clinic is open for patients from Monday to Friday 9:00 am -12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:00pm, and staff are on-call at all other times for emergencies. The afternoons are reserved for programs and chronic disease reviews.

Groote Eylandt

The following centres are managed by the Northern Territory Department of Health and Families.

Alyangula Health Centre

The Alyangula Health Centre provides quality health care to residents of Alyangula. It caters for routine and emergency patients with consultation rooms, an emergency room, a two single bed observation ward, X-ray unit, waiting room and dental clinic. Afterhours services are available for emergencies and other serious health matters. Specialist doctors visit Groote Eylandt on a regular basis.

Angurugu Health Centre

Angurugu Clinic is open Monday – Friday 0800 -1630 and is situated within the community. There are three nurses on each day and two Aboriginal Health Workers. There are no appointments, the Health Centre operates on a walk-in patient basis.

Two Mental Health Workers also operate out of the Health Centre.

On Call is shared between up to 10 Remote Area Nurse’s on the island so on call duties can be limited. Health Professionals will be a part of a large team and very well supported. Bartalumba Bay, Little Paradise, Leske, Amagula, Yanbagwa, Malgala and Emerald River are also serviced by Angurugu Health Centre.



Languages in the Region

The below languages are present in the East-Arnhem region. However it should be noted that as a result of colonisation, the growth of towns, and the transient nature of some Aboriginal peoples, there may be many different Aboriginal languages evident in a given area.

Yolngu languages:

  • Dhay’ya – Djarrwark, Dhalwangu
  • Dhangu – Golumala, Rirratjinu, Galpu, Wangurri
  • Dhuwala – Gupapuyngu, Gumatj, Manggalili, Wubulkarra, Mandarrpa
  • Dhuwal – Djambarrpuyngu, Liyagalawumirr, Datiwuy, Marrangu, Djapu
  • Djangu – Warramirri, Mandatja
  • Djinang – Murrungur, Mildjingi, Wulagi
  • Alawa
  • Anindilyakwa
  • Kriol
  • Nunggubuyu

Kriol language

Kriol is the contact language now spoken as a first language by most Aboriginal people across the region. Kriol is spoken in the Barkly and further north, but not generally far south of Tennant Creek.





Type of housing available includes a furnished house with fridge, freezer, microwave, TV, video and washing machine. The RN’s may be expected to share a house (once again check with RAHC staff prior to deployment). Internet and e-mail provided at work only, line to home for Internet access provided but must have own laptop. No vehicle is provided, however, the clinic has a vehicle available for most foreseen uses.

Groote Eylandt

Department of Health and Families vehicles may be available to do grocery shopping but are not generally available for personal use. There are plenty of places to get food on the island; however, it is advisable to take any speciality items with you that may not be obtainable at the supermarket. There will be a small amount of basics in the accommodation on arrival but staff are expected to purchase their own supplies from the shop. Accommodation is clean, tidy and strictly smoke-free. Linen packs will be issued to Health Professionals on arrival and areA to be returned at the end of the placement.



Contacts and Advice in South East Arnhem

The following organisations and contact numbers may be useful in locating sources of advice about Numbulwar and Groote Eylandt. Care has been taken to ensure these details are correct, however unfortunately some may change or be unattended.

East Arnhem Shire Council
GPO Box 4246 Darwin NT 0801
Ph: 1300 764 573
[email protected]

Numbulwar Homeland Council Association
PMB 78 Numbulwar Katherine NT 0850
Ph: 08 8975 4005

Roper Gulf Shire Council
Ph: 1300 366 208

Groote Eylandt
Umbakumba Community Council Incorporated
Alyangula NT 0885
Ph: 08 8987 6790
Anindilyakwa Land Council
30 Bougainvillea Dve Alyangula NT 0885
Ph: 08 8987 4002
[email protected]