Top End West

Major Communities

NamePopulationResource Centre
Wadeye2200Victoria-Daly Shire Council
Nganmarriyanga430Victoria-Daly Shire Council
Peppimenarti230Victoria-Daly Shire Council
Daly River (Nauiyu)450Victoria-Daly Shire Council
Pine Creek100Pine Creek Aboriginal Progress Association



Health services in the Top End West Region

Daly River

The Nauiyu Community Health Centre is located at Daly River. Phone: 08 89782435 or 08 89782435

There are 2 RNs and health workers and a GP visits once a week.


Due to the large population at Wadeye there is a large health centre with permanent General Practitioners, up to 10 Registered Nurses and Aboriginal Health Workers.

Wadeye Health Centre (Port Keats):
Ph: (08) 8978 2360
Postal: PMB 202 Winnellie, NT, 0822



Languages in the Region

The below languages are present in the East-Arnhem region. However it should be noted that as a result of colonisation, the growth of towns, and the transient nature of some Aboriginal peoples, there may be many different Aboriginal languages evident in a given area.

  • Larrakia
  • Kriol

Kriol language

Kriol is the contact language now spoken as a first language by most Aboriginal people across the region. Kriol is spoken in the Barkly and further north, but not generally far south of Tennant Creek.




Daly River

The housing provided is well equipped with cooking and communication facilities. There is a telephone in the house.

Internet is available at the clinic. The health centre vehicles are provided for official use only. If you have any special dietary requirements it is best to bring these goods with you.



Contacts and Advice in the Top End West

The following organisations and contact numbers may be useful in locating sources of advice. Care has been taken to ensure these details are correct, however unfortunately some may change or be unattended.

Victoria Daly Shire Council GPO Box 4246 Darwin NT 0801 Ph: 1300 658 547

Daly River
Peppimenarti Community Council
Via Daly River Daly NT 0822
Ph: 08 8978 2377

Peppimenarti Community Health Clinic
Via Daly River Daly NT 0822
Ph: 08 8978 2369

Wadeye Community
Lot 344 Wadeye NT 0822
Ph: 08 8978 2979