AGV Upskilling Information


As the AGV upskilling is a face to face day which can only be undertaken in the NT, from a logistics point of view this is challenging and expensive for most nurses to obtain. There are therefore two options RAHC can offer to assist you to maintain your competency:

1.       Complete the full self-directed AGV package at $165 – as you have previously completed the AGV course it should be quick to obtain the written exam. RAHC will reimburse you the course fee if you meet the PD criteria.

2.       RAHC will reimburse you up to $165 (on evidence of tax receipts) for your own travel and accommodation requirements directly linked to the AGV upskilling day (the day itself is no charge).

RAHC will consider either request through the PD request process. Documents can be downloaded at the HP Login of the RAHC website. Please refer to the policy for details.

A reminder for those nurses who hold an interstate vaccination certificate, you are not required to do the AGV course, however you are required to attend the upskilling every 3 years (up to 5 years). Nurse immunisers have 6 months to complete the upskilling from the day they commence working in the NT. Please refer to my previous email to you regarding the new legislation as per the Government Gazette.

There is still talk of an on-line version of the upskilling course but we are told this is still possibly 12 months away.

For more details about the updates, please refer to the attached DoH Memo summarizing the changes or call the AGV staff directly on the numbers below:


Linda Pitts,  Immunisation Nurse Educator  p 08 89227856 

Ursula Janssen, Immunisation Nurse Educator   p 08 89228026

Janine Weston, Admin p  08 89448049

fax 08 89228310 e


How to Enrol for the AGV

Non-Department of Health employees & NGO's

Non-Department of Health employees and NGO's use the Application form for non-departmental staff.
Note: This form may take some time to load.

1. Complete the employment Details section (if you are uncertain how to respond to these options, please contact the eLearning Centre on 0889227022)

2. Click on the Verify User Account button

3. Complete the Applicant Details section

4. In the Course Details section, select the course from the drop down box.

5. In the course start date, using the drop down box, select the date you wish to attend.

6 Complete the Pre-requisite Section - If you meet the criteria, tick the boxes and complete the relevant comments fields, e.g. date of AGV Attainment, Current BLS date, full mailing address, payment details.

7. Ensure all information is provided as required and click on the Submit button.

If you have completed the form correctly, the form will close and you will receive an email confirming you have completed the application successfully.