Annette Walker Award

Be part of the effort to recognise an outstanding contribution.

On 30th December 2012 RAHC lost one of its most valued team members, RAHC Placement Manager, Annette Walker.
Annette had been with RAHC for 3 years starting as a Placement Consultant and assuming the Placement Manager role in 2010 and worked to build the number of GPs that RAHC placed. Annette built strong and lasting relationships with health professionals and members of the health services she dealt with.
Annette had a passion for the work of RAHC. She lived our motto – Be part of the effort. She was central to encouraging Health Professionals to take a chance, filling them with confidence that they had the skills needed to close the gap and that they would be supported throughout their placement.
As we draw close to the anniversary of Annette’s untimely passing the Board and Staff of RAHC sought an appropriate way to remember her and her contribution to RAHC. A recognition that embodies the qualities she brought to her work - passion, commitment to excellence and a ‘can do’ attitude. In 2013, RAHC was delighted to launch the first Annette Walker Award  which recognised the outstanding contribution by a RAHC Health Professional during the year. 
We hope you can find a few minutes to nominate a RAHC Health Professional who you believe deserves to be recognised for an outstanding contribution beyond their normal responsibilities. 
Kind Regards
Philip Roberts
General Manager – Remote Area Health Corps
2015 Annette Walker Award Nominations 
Nominators will be asked to write up to a maximum of 250 words to explain why they have nominated somebody for the 2015 Annette Walker Award.

This contribution could include (but is not limited to);

  • Performance of a task or project that exceeded the requirement of their role
  • Demonstrated resilience, passion or an approach that helped or motivated other members of the team
  • Displayed a ‘can do’ attitude or commitment to getting things done that realised a positive outcome for the health centre, patients or broader community
  • Handled a challenging or difficult situation with a thoughtful approach or capable manner

Nominations will close on 15 December 2015 and the form can be downloaded here.


Previous Annette Walker Award recipients 

2013 - Brenda O'Leary, Dental Assistant

Brenda was nominated by colleague Michael Jebreen for her enthusiasm, caring nature and her ability to get things done. 

"Her passion for our patients is amazing", says Michael. "She is there genuinely to help them to a better life with dignity. Her passion to give the people we treat good health with dignity to enjoy their lives is her most outstanding quality. Brenda backs this up with her unbelievable ability, resilience and energy".

2014 - Anna Heisar, Registered Nurse

Anna Heisar was nominated by Rhonda Powell and Fiona Wake for her amazing support provided to the nurses from Western Health's structured supply program with RAHC. 

"The feedback from the nurses who worked with Anna whilst she was in both the Remote Educator position and the N5 position was incredibly positive", says Fiona. "They described Anna as going above and beyond - especially providing them with a home away from home on their first placement... and most importanly her great support as they worked for the first time in a remote autonomous capacity".