There is hope

Is there hope?

That was the question posed to me by some Grey Nomads last weekend as we met in a central Australian homestead, amidst the most stunning scenery one could only dream of. 

They were referring to "hope for" Aboriginal and Tones Strait Islanders....hope as measured by what? I could not answer the question. Two days later I observed the most respectful, concerned, supportive, spiritual and loving people in a remote Indigenous community in Central Australia. This is my 10th year of doing locum GP work in this community. 
A young boy presented to the clinic and rapidly deteriorated to a critically ill child. The nursing and medical team, with remote support from ASH Emergency Physician worked in a methodical and calm fashion to stabilise this little chap, amidst distressed and concerned family and community members. He was transferred by RFDS and the retrieval team to ASH, having been intubated and ventilated in the community. 
The community flooded the clinic in large numbers, wailed in recognition of the seriousness of the situation, prayed, and sat both inside and outside the clinic in quiet. They all attended 
his transfer to the plane for evacuation and waited patiently for the plane to leave. This was at sunset and it was indeed quite a surreal situation to see the patient transfer to the plane, 
and to have the community 'wave 'it off after a time of stabilisation on board. 
As an experienced clinician I can only believe that this absolute support and concern and connectedness must contribute to recovery. 
Is there hope? Yes...indeed there is. 



Tuesday, 11 July 2017