Clean faces, strong eyes - reducing trachoma in Indigenous communities through art and song

This morning The Age Newspaper published a feature on an educational campaign to help reduce trachoma in remote Indigenous Communities.

The campaign uses Indigenous art and music and features the voices of well-known Indigenous women including Deborah Mailman and Cathy Freeman to communicate the ‘clean faces, strong eyes’ message.

The education campaign, developed by researchers at Melbourne University Indigenous Eye Health Unit (IEHU) is part of the Indigenous Eye Health Program. It is supported by a number of organisations including the Aspen Foundation.

If you are a health professional who would like to learn more about Trachoma, please consider undertaking the free Trachoma e-learning module as part of the free RAHC Introduction to Remote Health Practice Program. This module was developed in association with the University Of Melbourne team referred to in the article. The module takes about an hour to complete and meets the criteria for CPD with RACGP, ACRRM and RCNA/ACN.

To learn more about the program visit the University of Melbourne Indigenous Eye Health Unit website

Monday, 10 December 2012