Clinical Team update: Remote Educators

RAHC have changed the title of our Clinical Educator position to 'Remote Educator’.

The RAHC Remote Educator (RE) provides support to health professionals (HP) on their first RAHC placement. This support is to assist the HP with the transition to the remote setting both clinically and culturally.

The Remote Educator contacts the HP prior to their first placement and works out a plan of support that is personalised to the HP’s experience.  This support may involve using the patient data systems – PCIS or Communicare, using specific medical equipment, making sure the HP knows where and how to resource information and support, using the CARPA manual, and any other processes the HP may be unfamiliar with.

This support is available for up to one week of the HP’s placement and is arranged through RAHC in consultation with the Health Service.  If you are interested in utilising the support of a RAHC Remote Educator on your placement, please contact Candice at [email protected] or if you would like more information about the Remote Educator role, please contact RAHC’s Clinical Manager [email protected].

It is important that you update your availability dates with Candice whenever you can to increase your chances of selection for your first placement and a support placement can be arranged if you so wish.

RAHC’s Remote Educators include:

  • Sandi Smyth
  • Sharon Marchant (aka Livesey)
  • Elly Fontes
  • Kim Henderson
  • Sharon Gibbard
  • Sharon Weymouth (phone support only)

RAHC will be featuring each of these Educators on our website in the near future.

Thursday, 4 April 2013