CRANAPlus releases Remote Health Workforce Safety and Security Report

CRANAplus has released its report into Workforce Safety and Security, which is the first stage of a larger project funded by the Commonwealth Government. The project was initiated following the death of Ms Gayle Woodford, a Remote Area Nurse, in remote South Australia in April 2016.


Christopher Cliffe, CRANAplus CEO, said “The broad consultations resulted in many recommendations within the report. Things rarely change quickly, however as an industry, with this report, we have an opportunity to enhance our practices and demand the same level of service, resourcing and support as our mainstream colleagues.”


The second stage of the project involves developing a set of national remote health safety and security guidelines and a suite of practical resources including an app, resource book, and on-line training.


To access the report in its entirety click here

Friday, 20 January 2017