Free online training module about the new M1 Stryker® stretcher now available on the Northern Territory Department of Health Mylearning website

The online training module for the operation of the new M1 Stryker® stretchers will benefit both new-to-remote and experienced Remote Area Nurses (RANs) who may need a refresher. The free module can be accessed after creating an account on the Northern Territory Department of Health Mylearning website.  
Primary health care ambulances are fitted with M1 Stryker® stretchers that are well suited to harsh environments such as the Northern Territory because of its oversized off-road style wheels, wide stance, and greaseless design. All key mechanisms of the stretcher are sealed to keep dirt and dust from harming key working parts.
Operation of the M1 Stryker® stretcher is different to previous stretchers used in health centre ambulances. When loaded at full height, the height of the Stryker® stretcher allows it to be a ‘roll in’ stretcher for Troop Carrier ambulances. When used as per competency guidelines, this reduces the lifting involved in loading and unloading the stretcher.
This training will be followed up by practical training whilst on placement by a delegated Stryker® stretcher trainer (clinic staff member). RAHC encourages all nurses and users of Stryker® stretchers to maintain familiarity with its use and take the opportunity to refresh and practice using the stretcher. This will assist in avoiding personal injuries and patient adverse events related to poor techniques.
The relevant courses are:

  • Stryker Stretcher Part 1 Online
  • Stryker Stretcher Part 2 Competency assessment

To view the courses click here
Whilst on the Mylearning website take the opportunity to browse through the other online modules that may be of interest to you and your professional development.

Friday, 2 September 2016