Immunisation recommendations for remote Health Professionals

Health Professionals (HPs) working in remote communities in the Northern Territory (NT) can be at increased risk of some preventable diseases. The NT Department of Health has issued remote HPs a set of recommendations downloadable via the Remote Health Atlas.

Immunisation is important because healthcare workers are associated with an increased risk of some vaccine preventable diseases. Furthermore, healthcare workers may transmit infections such as influenza, measles, rubella, varicella and pertussis to susceptible patients. The Northern Territory Remote Health Atlas recommendations include information and advice with regard to occupational immunisations and are applicable to all Remote Health staff. People at high risk may benefit from additional immunisations.

While Tuberculosis screening is not an immunisation, it is recommended for all remote HPs to establish a baseline Mantoux reading or initiate treatment. 

These guidelines assume that all health professionals will have had routine childhood immunisations. You can maintain a personal record of immunisation status by using the Staff Immunisation Status Assessment Form. 

If you are concerned about your level of risk, information on all aspects of immunisation and infectious disease risks is available from the NT Department of Health Centre for Disease Control (CDC) webpage.

Download the Staff Immunisation Guidelines from the NT DoH Remote Health Atlas. 

Thursday, 28 November 2013