Important notice to all RAHC nurses – following CARPA manual

It has been brought to our attention that some Health Professionals are not following the CARPA guidelines when initiating treatment or reviewing patients or at a minimum not seen to actively consult the CARPA Manual.

Please be aware that it is essential to follow the CARPA Manual when you are consulting with a patient.

Also, community members expect you to use the CARPA and they are reassured by seeing it being consulted.

In addition, to cover yourselves legally it is recommended that you put the page number where you obtained your information i.e. as per CARPA pg 123.

Please be aware that CARPA is written to assist you. Significant consultation and research has been applied to develop each topic. Each topic is reviewed against Best Practice.

Working outside these guidelines, unless in discussion with a Medical Officer (and please put his/her name), could possibly result in you being held liable in court for working outside your scope of practice.

Therefore the bottom line is:

  • Open CARPA for every consultation
  • Read CARPA for every consultation
  • Follow CARPA for every consultation unless a Medical Officer advises differently.
  • Document your treatment as per the page in CARPA.

You can download the manual at

Friday, 30 March 2012