Introducing Sharon Weymouth - Remote Educator – Support

RAHC welcomes a new clinical team member – Sharon Weymouth RN who will be undertaking support calls to our health professionals.

Sharon has been working with RAHC as a Remote Educator since September 2012.  In this role, Sharon accompanies new to remote nurses on their first placements and assists with their transition to the remote setting by providing personal, tailored support whilst working side by side with them.

Sharon has recently taken on a permanent clinical position with an Aboriginal Medical Service in the Top End. Consequently, Sharon’s role with RAHC has changed to the provision of remote support.

RAHC provides support calls to all health professionals whilst on placement from both the Regional Coordinators and the Clinical Team. Sharon has joined the Clinical Team in providing these support calls. This means health professionals may receive a call from Sharon during a RAHC placement. Sharon will generally send you an email introducing herself before making these calls to arrange a time or let you know when she is planning to call. Most calls will be made outside of work hours. 

We are very pleased to offer our HPs someone of Sharon’s extensive experience, qualifications and commitment at RAHC.

Message from Sharon Weymouth:

I was born and bred in the country and have never really left except for a few years to gain training a long time ago, I guess that’s why remote health work has always appealed to me. I love the wide open spaces and the amazing and interesting bush people. I enjoy working with Indigenous people and feel it is a privilege to walk in their lands and see firsthand their amazing ancient culture. Over the years working remote I have seen that it can be the making or breaking of you, it can on one hand be so interesting  and rewarding  or it can be soul destroying in its frustration. I obviously have had many more good times than bad and after all these years still marvel at how great a job it is for a nurse and how it constantly lets you challenge and extend yourself as a professional and an individual.

In 2012 I gained my authorization as a Nurse Practitioner in remote health and hope in the future to work on developing this role further. I believe that one of the keys to developing a stronger remote health system is supporting staff on the ground to develop their skills and strategies to not just survive but thrive. My work with Centre for Remote Health & RAHC as a remote educator has allowed me in some small way to contribute to the ongoing development of the remote workforce.

Thursday, 4 April 2013