Major milestones achieved

We were delighted to recognise, in person, some RAHC health professionals who had achieved major milestones in the number of placements they have undertaken with us at our recent Remote Emergency Care (REC) course, delivered by CRANAplus.

The Board and team of RAHC along with our stakeholders and the communities they serve value the dedication that RAHC health professionals demonstrate and the contribution you are making to closing the gap in Indigenous health outcomes in the Northern Territory. We appreciate the opportunity to recognise health professionals when they achieve significant milestones and express our gratitude for their commitment to providing care to the health services and the communities we serve.

We know that some of them have gone on and completed even more placements above the milestone recorded which is greatly appreciated.

We also took the opportunity to recognise other health professionals who have achieved significant milestones but could not attend the event. They will receive their certificates of achievement in the mail in the near future.

The following health professionals that have been recognised with certificates of achievement for the milestone they have reached include:

35 placements

·         Christine Daley                      Registered Nurse

·         Brenda O’Leary                      Dental Assistant

30 placements

·         Dr Margaret Niemann            General Practitioner

·         Catherine Austin                    Registered Nurse

·         Daniel Dalladay                      Registered Nurse

·         Vicki McFarlane                      Dental Assistant

·         Janet Rigney                           Dental Assistant

25 placements

·         Dr Ross Hindmarsh               General Practitioner

·         Dino Hodge                           Audiologist

·         Geraldine Knights                  Registered Nurse

·         Heather Kilpatrick                  Registered Nurse

·         Delma Wade                           Registered Nurse

·         Diane Menz                            Registered Nurse

·         Jayne Alder                             Registered Nurse

·         Jennifer Nolan                         Registered Nurse

20 placements as a Remote Educator

·         Margaret Cooper                    Remote Educator

·         Sharon Gibbard                      Remote Educator


Saturday, 5 March 2016