Mandatory Professional Development for Remote Area Nurses

The Northern Territory (NT) Department of Health (DoH) will be enforcing that all Remote Area Nurses (RANs) have completed, or updated if necessary, all courses considered mandatory for remote practice. Future placements in NT DoH clinics will be affected if this requirement is not being met.

RANs are therefore advised to maintain their currency or complete the mandatory courses required for placement in remote practice.

RAHC encourages all RANs to update their professional development and maintain or complete the following mandatory courses:

  • Remote Emergency Care – REC Course: expiry 3 years
  • Maternity Emergency Care - MEC Course or Midwifery Up-Skilling  MIDUS course: expiry 3 years
  • Pharmacotherapeutics : expiry to be advised by NT DoH
  • About Giving Vaccines – AGV course: expiry 3 years

RAHC is committed to supporting our Health Professionals in obtaining the skills required for safe practice relating to remote health practice. We continue to provide private CRANA Plus courses twice a year as well as reimbursement for course fees in an effort to support and ensure that HPs maintain their currency.  

To request support from RAHC to undertake relevant Professional Development (PD), please download the form ‘Request for Support – Parts 1 and 2’ from the Health Professional Login section of the RAHC website.

All RAHC HPs have a unique username and password to access the Health Professional Login section of the website. If it is your first time logging in, please visit the RAHC website for instructions on how to log in for the first time and set your own password by clicking here.

Please note your username and password to access to the Health Professional Login is different from the username and password you use to log in to your eLearning account.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016