Packing 101: The Top 10 essential items to take on a Placement

RAHC has received suggestions from RAHC health professionals via our facebook page about the items that they could not live without whilst on a placement in the Northern Territory (NT).

A question often asked by new-to-remote health professionals before their first placement is what items to take on a placement.

Based on the suggestions provided by current RAHC health professionals, we have made a Top 10 list of suggested items to take with you:

  1. Sunscreen - Sunscreen is an absolute must for placements in the NT. The tropical sun in the Top End and the desert-like conditions in Central Australia means it pays to be sun-smart.
  2. A small lightweight torch and spare batteries - A torch can be a handy item to have in case of any power failures.
  3. Laundry liquid - It is always handy to bring laundry liquid for hand-washing for small items or to get you through to the next big load of washing.
  4. Bag Clips - Bag clips are essential for keeping out unwanted insects or animals from opened food packages.
  5. A small Multi-Tool - these can come in handy whilst on placement when you require items such as scissors, a small screwdriver or pliers. Just remember to pack it in your luggage not carry-on.
  6. Ear Plugs - Ear plugs provide some peace and quiet when you need to just sit back and relax, whether it is at your accommodation or on the flights to and from your home.
  7. Sleep Mask - If you have trouble getting to sleep due to the sun streaming in, a sleep mask will be help to have a good night's rest.
  8. Some light entertainment - Bring something to keep you entertained such as a good book to immerse yourself in for your downtime.
  9. A peg-less or portable wsahing line - For the times when there may be a full washing line at the accommodation
  10. Snap-Lock bags - A great way to store leftover foods, take items to work and waterproof items if required.

Thursday, 23 April 2015