RAHC Annual Updates and Re-Credentialing

Effective immediately, annual updates will no longer be required for current RAHC health professionals. Going forward, please notify RAHC in a timely manner when any changes occur that may impact upon your credentialing status.

As a RAHC health professional you will still be required to undergo re-credentialing every 3 years. This enables you to maintain your current credentialing status and ensure information we provide to health services about you is up to date which assists in the placement process.

When you are due to be re-credentialed, a RAHC team member will contact you to request the relevant information.

Please be aware that RAHC on occasions requires more specific information for this re-credentialing process due to the remote nature of the work and experience we have built over time since the last credentialing process may have taken place.

Our stakeholders have always required that RAHC undertake a robust credentialing process for health professionals considering placements with health services in remote settings.  RAHC appreciates that this places a burden on health professionals however we hope you recognise its importance in ensuring all parties are working with appropriately experienced and skilled professionals.

Should you have any questions relating to any matter regarding annual updates or re credentialing, please do not hesitate to contact RAHC’s Application and credentialing Coordinator, Megan Berry in the Canberra office on 02 6203 9588 or [email protected]

Friday, 22 February 2013