RAHC Presentation Well-Received at National Comcare Conference

Fiona Wake, Clinical Manager with the Remote Area Health Corp (RAHC), delivered a presentation focussing on RAHC’s support processes to the 'Comcare National Conference' in Canberra which was held from 18 – 19 September. The 2013 conference theme was Better design for prevention, smarter support for recovery.  The conference was attended by more than 600 delegates.

Fiona’s mix of personal stories from her remote experience coupled with a strong message of how RAHC supports health professionals before, during and after their placement made her one of the most popular speakers over the course of the two-day conference. RAHC also chose this conference to showcase two new videos highlighting the experience of health professionals working remotely.

According to Philip Roberts, General Manager – RAHC: “We focus on providing appropriate training and support to urban-based health professionals seeking to undertake a placement in the NT.  This focus contributes to our repeat placement rate of over 80%.  Cultural and clinical orientation, online eLearning modules and the Remote Educators who accompany our health professionals on their first placement all combine to ease a health professional’s transition into working in a remote clinical setting and lay the foundation for a rewarding experience. We are delighted to share our processes and insights with industry professionals from across Australia.”

RAHC recently placed it 2000th health professional in the Northern Territory. Dr. Richard’s journey before, during and after her placement can be seen on RAHC’s website www.rahc.com.au or the company’s YouTube channel.  For more information on placements from three weeks to three months for urban-based health professionals in the NT call RAHC on 1300 697 242 or email [email protected]

Tuesday, 15 October 2013