RAHC Professional Development policy on Reimbursements

RAHC Health Professionals (HPs) are welcome to apply for Professional Development (PD) support directly related to remote health practice. Please read the RAHC Professional Development Policy prior to applying for support. The ‘Professional Development Policy’ and  'Request for Support' forms can be downloaded from the RAHC website, in the Health Professional Login section.

A summary of the reimbursement process can be found in the Health Professional Log in section with links to relevant documents needed for reimbursement.

Below is a summary of the steps that HPs need to take:

All PD must be requested and approved by RAHC prior to your commencement of any course or training. Request for the reimbursement Part 1 + 2 form

  • Complete a separate expense claim form with tax invoice/ receipt
  • Complete the Part 3 online (not hard copy) Survey Monkey feedback
  • Send a copy of your certificate
  • Send a copy of receipt of payment
  • Show commitment to a future RAHC placement

All documents are to be sent to [email protected].

All RAHC HPs have a unique username and password to access the Health Professional Login section of the website. If it is your first time logging in, please visit the RAHC website for instructions on how to log in for the first time and set your own password by clicking here.

Please note your username and password to access to the Health Professional Login is different from the username and password you use to log in to your eLearning account.


Wednesday, 6 July 2016