RAHC to provide PD support for the Pharmacotherapeutics course by the Centre for Remote Health

The Centre for Remote Heath (CRH) online Pharmacotherapeutics course provides participants with knowledge regarding pharmacotherapeutics in Remote Area Nursing (RAN) practice, the development of sound clinical reasoning for drug therapies and best practice in a remote setting. It spans principles of pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacokinetics and pharmacology.

The CRH Pharmacotherapeutics course is recommended for nurses who work in or are planning to work in remote areas, along with other remote health professionals (e.g. Aboriginal Health Workers and Enrolled Nurses) who may be eligible.

The course costs $615.   As a part of our Professional Development support, RAHC will reimburse the online course fee.

The course uses a case-based approach to the pharmacotherapeutics of common acute and chronic conditions to assist RANs to apply knowledge of medicines to practical cases. Principles of drug therapy such as adverse reactions, interactions, adherence and professional and legislative issues underpin the cases discussed.

The online course commences from 10 April 2017 and has eight modules which are designed to be completed over a nine-week period.

The modules cover activities to provide practical application of medicine management, concepts and principles, including clinical scenarios, personal reflection, online tutorials and multiple choice quizzes. Recommended resources, references and clinical guidelines will be referred to throughout the modules, and web links to these will be made available.

An interactive online case study will assess clinical reasoning and decision-making processes, following the completion of all modules. Participants will be presented with a clinical scenario that they must manage appropriately from available options.

To learn more about the Pharmacotherapeutics course click here.

Friday, 24 March 2017