RAHC showcases two new videos focussing on experiences and support

Two new videos have been produced by RAHC that highlight the support provided to health professionals (HPs) on their placements, as well as the overall experience of working remotely.

One piece takes the form of a video diary and follows RAHC’s 2000th placement, Dr Diana Richards, from her first day in Alice Springs to the end of her placement after three weeks and then two weeks later back in Sydney where she reflects on the overall experience. This video can now be viewed on the General Practitioners page on the RAHC website.

The second video is a ‘vox pop’ treatment where a number of RAHC Registered Nurses speak about their experiences – cultural and professional.  This particular piece was shot at the RAHC/CRANA Maternity Emergency Care (MEC) two-day course in Melbourne earlier this year. To view this video, please visit the Registered Nurses page on the RAHC website.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013