RAHC supports Department of Health in Oral Health service delivery across the Northern Territory

Plaque, gum disease and caries are common issues identified in Oral Health and can be widespread in some Northern Territory communities.

The Department of Health (DoH) Oral Health program is working tirelessly to improve oral health within remote communities in the Northern Territory. Whilst free dental care is available to all those in remote communities, in recent years there has been a stronger emphasis on provision of regular health checks and oral health promotion.

Attracting suitable permanent dentists is a challenge for the DoH and the partnership with RAHC has helped to fill the gaps allowing the DoH to continuously provide oral health services. Over the past three years, RAHC Oral Health placements have increased from 137 placements (2011-12 financial year) through to 191 placements (2013-14 financial year) to meet the requirements of the DoH (and other Aboriginal Medical Services).

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Monday, 27 April 2015