Registered Nurses– review of the minimum credentialing criteria

In an effort to strengthen primary health care services in the Northern Territory, RAHC works in close collaboration with the Aboriginal Medical Services (AMSs) and the Northern Territory Department of Health (NT DoH) to determine the appropriate skills and experience for nurses to facilitate safe and successful placements in a remote primary health care setting in the Northern Territory (NT).  

RAHC’s Registered Nurse minimum criteria is currently being reviewed to reflect the needs of these services based upon the desirable skills and experience the Registered Nurses (RN) are expected to draw upon and demonstrate to transition effectively into these remote settings with RAHC. These changes to the minimum criteria aim to increase applicant’s prospects of selection by the remote health services as well as assisting RNs to have a positive experience through a safe and successful remote placement in the NT.

RAHC has developed information - ‘Transition steps for Remote Nursing’ - about the duties performed by RNs in a remote setting. As you can see a successful placement in a remote setting requires independent practice in a low resource environment and the health services that RAHC works with require RNs with a range of skills and experience.

We have also included information on courses and advice on clinical environments we recommend for RNs to gain a range of experience to broaden your skills and improve your prospects for placements with RAHC. 

So if you have previously been credentialed with RAHC and have not been selected for a placement but would still like to  be considered for future placements, please refer to the RAHC website for this information.

If you have further questions about this process, RAHC’s clinical team is available to discuss a personal pathway for HPs to achieve a remote placement with RAHC.

Friday, 30 March 2012