Safety of health professionals to the fore

The Board and team of the Remote Area Health Corps (RAHC) shares the sympathy that has been expressed by many of our health professionals in response to the death of Ms. Gayle Woodford at the end of last month.

We acknowledge that the circumstances around the death are not yet determined however it has rightfully cast a strong focus on the personal safety of health workers especially in the remote setting as the Minister for Indigenous Health recognised in her response last week.

RAHC welcomes and supports proposals around the effective implementation of policies and procedures regarding personal safety especially in on-call situations. In particular, we support an approach that provides company to a health professional for all on-call events and other appropriate security measures to ensure, as much as possible, the personal safety of all people involved in that event.

We are dedicated to working with health services to build the pool of health professionals to support the permanent workforce and will work with them closely on this issue as they roll out their respective responses to ensure the interests of our health professionals are addressed.

The Bush Support Services line run by CRANAplus [1800 805 391] is available to provide support in these difficult times or please feel free to contact the RAHC team on 1300 697 242 if you have any specific issues you would like to discuss.

Thursday, 14 April 2016