Season’s Greetings from RAHC

The Board and staff of RAHC wish our stakeholders and Health Professionals all the best for the festive season and the New Year.

2013 has been another successful year for RAHC as we met our maximum placement target and continued to assist new-to-remote Health Professionals successfully transition to remote practice. Our Remote Educator (RE) program has delivered outstanding outcomes and we are grateful to the pool of REs who have come on board to assist us with supporting the “newbies”.

We are delighted to announce we are adding to new modules in the new year on eye health as well as finalising the review and update of all our 11 existing modules. Please take advantage of these great resources for CPD purposes and feel free to let your colleagues know about them as they are open to all.

Thanks to all the RAHC Health Professionals who have undertaken placements this year and demonstrated such professionalism, commitment and resilience. Recent data shows that the gap in Indigenous outcomes is showing some progress so we need to continue our efforts.  

Finally, RAHC lost a valued team member at the beginning of the year, our Placement Manager, Ms Annette Walker. She still figures prominently in our thoughts and we still have a laugh about how she would respond to certain situations that have occurred over the last year. Please nominate a RAHC Health Professional for the award in her honour (details in this bulletin).

Kind regards


Philip Roberts
General Manager – Remote Area Health Corps

Tuesday, 17 December 2013