Top 5 tips to consider when taking photos or videos whilst on placement

When you are surrounded by some of Australia’s most unique scenery and interesting communities, it is only natural to want to capture these moments.

At all times when taking images please consider the guidance provided in our Cultural Orientation Handbook as well as our Code of Conduct and the RAHC Social Media Policy.

We really appreciate your images and promoting the RAHC message but you can understand that is essential that we retain the trust of the individuals and communities we serve and our stakeholders.

As we have just joined Instagram (@remoteareahealthcorps), we thought it would be a great opportunity to share our top 5 tips to consider when taking and sharing photographs or videos whilst on placement.

1.    Be culturally sensitive

Upon arriving into the community, ask the Health Centre Manager or one of the permanent staff about any areas which cannot be photographed for culturally sensitive reasons.

2.    Show respect

Not everyone will want to be photographed so ensure that you accept and respect others’ point of view and privacy. When taking photographs and sharing on social media, ensure that what you post could not promote discrimination of any sort.

3.    Maintain awareness

If you’d like to share any photos on your social media sites, you must ensure that you receive consent from the community and the individual or group. We have a media release form available in the Health Professional Login section of our website to download that you are welcome to use.

4.    Be brand aware

You are our biggest brand ambassadors so ensure that any photograph that is taken with you in our uniform follows the Code of Conduct guidelines and is culturally appropriate. You should keep this in mind if there are any logos or representations of other companies such as the health centre or stakeholders.

5.    Consider your audience

If you choose to share your photographs on your social media, remain conscious of the wider audience, considering that what you share online may be viewed by friends-of-friends or by the public depending on the site or your privacy settings.

If you’d like to share your photos with our followers on Instagram or Facebook, please feel free to email your photos through to [email protected] or use the hashtags #getinvolved #partoftheeffort #remotehealthNT


Monday, 8 February 2016