Updated information for daylight savings and timesheets

The February eBulletin contained the following information regarding daylight savings, the information about timesheets is not applicable. 

Please remember Daylight Savings is now applicable (NT is 1.5hours behind ACT). Please ensure timesheets are submitted to approving Managers on a Friday so they are able to approve and submit by 10am EST Monday.

Please note that the payroll process is as follows and has not changed.

To ensure that you get paid on time and correctly please follow the following instructions:

1. Ensure that Health Centre Manager or a suitable approver has signed your timesheet.

2. Total your hours in the space provided on the timesheet.

3. Fax your timesheet to 02 6203 9598 by 10.00am the Monday following the pay period end date.

4. To retrieve your pay advice from your email account your password is RAHC2008.

5. Payday is the Friday following the pay period end date (depending on your bank).

6. Superannuation payments are distributed to funds on a monthly basis in arrears.

7. For payroll enquiries please contact your Placement Consultant.

8. Our local call number is 1300 697 242 (1300 MY RAHC).

9. Timesheets received after 10.00am on Monday will not be processed until the next pay run.

Pay Periods

The calendar below reflects pay periods for 2015-16. The highlighted dates are the end of the pay period.


Pay day is the Friday following the end of the pay period.

Thursday, 5 March 2015