Fiona Wake - RAHC Clinical Manager discusses e-learning in the Nursing Post

Whether you are looking to work in a remote community or simply want to expand your knowledge in remote and Indigenous health, Remote Area Health Corps (RAHC) has created valuable training for health professionals.

Fiona Wake, RAHC Clinical Manager, says the e-learning clinical training modules are available free of charge, and are a great way for urban-based health professionals to prepare for working in remote communities.

“The beauty of our modules is that they’ve been developed by a range of remote health specialists to provide high quality orientation and learning materials and a realistic overview of what really happens in the field,” Ms Wake said.

“The modules provide an introduction to Indigenous health as well as communication and education, which are really important for anyone who is going to work remotely.”

RAHC recruits also take part in a two-day cultural and clinical orientation when they first arrive in the Northern Territory.  The orientation takes place in Darwin and Alice Springs, and sets up health professionals with vital information about the key cultural and clinical issues experienced in remote Indigenous communities.

“We get great feedback on our orientation days. People come away so grateful for the extra knowledge and so much more aware and prepared for their work.

“It’s very hard to prepare someone for the cultural experience that they’re going to have, as well as the complexities of the clinical problems they might be faced with, so these training days along with the various online training modules provide a great deal of information and support.

“The training we provide is quite unique to anything else that’s available in the health sector and the fact that it’s free is such a bonus,” Ms Wake said.

RAHC provides significant support to the hard-working permanent health workforce in remote communities across the Northern Territory.  RAHC offers short-term, paid placements in over 100 remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.

If you are looking to go remote or expand your knowledge on Indigenous health, visit the RAHC website ( for more details.

This article originally appeared in the Nursing Post Magazine on 1/10/12.

Monday, 1 October 2012