The journey of Wayne Ah-Sam who spent years as a Health Worker in the Top End before studying medicine

For eight years, he was a health worker in eight different remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. After setting his sights on a career as a doctor, Mr Ah-Sam is now in his second year studying medicine at university in Newcastle, New South Wales. Originally from Darwin, he is a proud Kalkadoon-Gunggandji man from Yarrabah country, and hopes to one day return there as a doctor.
"From an early age, my father said to me 'you're Kalkadoon, and be proud of it'," he said. "I'm proud of who I am. A lot of the Indigenous youth — they tend to look at the other things, like the Americanisation [of society], but we don't tend to look in our own backyard. "Our culture's been living strong for a long, long time. I took strength from knowing who I was from a pretty early age."
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Monday, 1 August 2016