Pauline Rubin wins prestigious award at the CRANAplus conference for Excellence in Mentoring.

At the CRANAplus conference held on the 17 -19 October 2015 in Alice Springs, Pauline (Polly) Rubin won the Excellence in Mentoring for Remote Health award.

This award recognises individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to mentoring early-career remote health professionals. Polly has portrayed excellence in remote health practice, the capacity to work with the future workforce and has made a profound and lasting contribution to the professional growth of an individual.

“It did surprise me to get an award for doing what I love. Sharing experiences to help colleagues seems a very natural part of my role in being an older nurse. I am proud to have my efforts recognised but even prouder to be a nurse in the Territory”.

As a Registered Nurse, Polly worked in a variety of roles all over Australia but soon learned that working in the Northern Territory was unlike anywhere else. Polly began her journey into remote work four years ago with Remote Area Health Corps (RAHC) as a mental health nurse.

“What encouraged me to join RAHC? I remember it well. I was answering an advertisement asking “do you want to make a difference?” and my immediate reaction was this is an answer to my recent, unspoken thoughts”, says Polly.

“This was new territory for me, not just geographically but culturally, so I was grateful to find out that RAHC had organised a two-day orientation, which answered many of my burning questions.”

Polly embarked on her first placement in 2011 bound for Alice Springs to provide support and counselling to individuals and families experiencing mental health issues in Alice Springs and various other communities.

“I was a senior mental health clinician working in a fast-paced environment in a team of skilled professionals, meeting daily challenges in our efforts to help young children and their families deal with the ever changing social structure of the local community”.

Polly completed six placements with RAHC as a mental health nurse until life events and family health issues called her home to New South Wales where she took on the mission to walk the final path with her husband.

“I recall with gratitude the genuine care and support from RAHC during those difficult days and I will always remember that kindness”.

Fast forward a year and Polly was ready to return to work where she was successful in securing a position based in Alice Springs with Central Australian Health Service where she works now as a Senior Mental Health Clinician.

“Polly has always been a highly valued RAHC health professional. I know how highly she is regarded within the RAHC team and the clinical teams in which she has worked. It is especially rewarding for us that Polly won a mentoring award that has been sponsored by RAHC for the last 5 years", says Philip Roberts, RAHC General Manager. 

"She personifies so much of what we are seeking to achieve with RAHC – attract and assist experienced health professionals to transition to remote practice and work to make a difference in Indigenous health outcomes. The fact that Polly has now chosen to work on a permanent basis in the Territory is a win for her, RAHC, the health service and the individuals and communities she works with on a daily basis in the Territory”.

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Monday, 26 October 2015