RAHC Remote Educators (REs)

RAHC Remote Educators (REs) provide support to health professionals (HPs) on their first RAHC placement. This support is to assist the HP with the transition to the remote environment both clinically and culturally.

The Remote Educator contacts the HP prior to their first placement and works out a plan of support that is personalised to the HPs experience.  This support may involve using the patient data systems – PCIS or Communicare, using specific medical equipment, making sure the HP knows where and how to resource information and support, using the CARPA manual, and any other processes the HP may be unfamiliar with.

This support may be arranged for up to one week of the HPs placement and is arranged through RAHC in consultation with the Health Service.  If you are interested in utilising the support of a RAHC Remote Educator on your placement, please contact the RAHC team.

Terry McMillan

Terry is a Registered Nurse who achieved a Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery through Flinders University in Adelaide.
Terry commenced her nursing career as an Enrolled Nurse and completed her degree as a mature aged student where she undertook placements in Alice Springs and later returned to complete a graduate program in Midwifery. From her very first placement in Alice Springs, Terry knew she wanted to work rural or remote in the area of Indigenous Health. Since 2003 Terry has spent most of her time working either rural or remote in South Australia, Northern Territory or Western Australia.
Today, Terry's role as a Remote Educator involves offering support, guidance and advice to any Remote Nurse commencing their first placement, or to those who are relatively new to Remote and who need extra support. She became involved with RAHC to work in the area she really loves -- that being the bush, (remote) and Indigenous Health. Terry feels that all remote nurses can learn from each other and the people that live there and is looking forward to helping others develop their confidence to work remote.
In her spare time Terry enjoys camping, oil painting, photography and meeting new people.

Anna Heisar

Anna is a Registered Nurse who is highly qualified and who has achieved a Master of Health Service Management, Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance, Graduate Diploma of Administration, Bachelor of Nursing and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
Anna’s career in nursing has spanned over 40 years where she has worked in midwifery and primary health care in metropolitan health services in Australia and overseas. In the last 7 years Anna has been working as a remote area nurse and remote area midwife in both Central Australia and the Top End.
Born in Italy, Anna trained as a nurse and midwife in the early 1970’s before moving to Australia. Her need to improve English has led to her passion of learning new languages, and she also enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, art and craft including pottery and embroidery, and hosting guests at her bed and breakfast.
What drew Anna to join RAHC was the impressive education program offered to new recruits. Having experienced the program first-hand, Anna was delighted when she was offered the position of Remote Educator in 2014. Anna acknowledges the importance of a good education program to recruit and retain health professionals and create a positive environment for everyone.

Cate Austin 

Cate is a Registered Nurse who has achieved a Graduate Diploma of Advanced Nursing (Rural), Masters of Nursing, a Graduate Certificate in Remote Industrial Health and a Masters of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner).
Cate chose a nursing career because she loves the connectedness to other people, and because it was a career that would enable her to live in rural and remote areas. She used her nursing qualifications and experience to work as a registered nurse and a midwife before returning to study a Masters of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner). During completion of the Masters Cate worked in small rural hospitals and remote Indigenous communities, where she appreciated the ability to deliver true holistic care and create valuable relationships with patients and their families.
RAHC was the perfect work solution for Cate, who commenced her first placement in early 2010. Today, Cate’s role is to mentor and support new to remote nurses and to assist in their transition to the remote workplace both culturally and clinically. She endeavours to assist nurses to gain their confidence working in the remote setting, assess and guide their assessment skills, appropriate and optimal use of the available resources and ensure they understand their obligations to cultural sensitivity.
Family is very important to Cate, who also enjoys gardening, reading and walking, which she finds therapeutic when working on placement.

Jenny Nolan 

Jenny is a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner who has an impressive career spanning over 40 years.
Jenny brings to her role as Remote Area Nurse and Remote Educator for RAHC extensive experience, having worked mostly in the emergency department. She became a Registered Nurse in 1975 and gained endorsement as a Nurse Practitioner in 2011. Jenny’s first placement with RAHC was in 2011 and she has taken regular short term contracts since then.
It was the positive experience and support received from RAHC which drew Jenny to become a Remote Educator, where she appreciates the opportunity to work with Indigenous people in remote communities of the Northern Territory. Her role is a Remote Educator as part of the RAHC Clinical Team and her aim is to support and encourage new to remote nurses so that they have the best experience.
Jenny enjoys spending time with her family and friends, travelling within Australia and overseas and capturing the beauty of the Northern Territory through her passion of photography.

Marg Cooper

Marg began her nursing career at Toowoomba hospital in Queensland working in Emergency, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Administration. In 1994, Marg moved to Barcladine Hospital and took up the position of Director of Nursing (DON). For the next few years, Marg worked as the DON at a number of rural and remote facilities across Queensland.
Marg has also spent a number of years providing relief support in rural and remote Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania, before discovering remote area nursing in the Northern Territory in 2008. In addition to Marg’s nursing qualifications and certifications, Marg has a Bachelor of Business in Health Administration.
Marg joined RAHC as an RN in 2009, and then came on board as an RE in late 2013 bringing to the role a wealth of knowledge and experience. In addition to Marg’s experience in nursing and management, Marg also has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a number of years’ experience in providing mentor support through the RCNA (now Australian College of Nursing) for nurses returning to the workforce after time away.
Outside of work, Marg loves to travel, especially around Australia and the Northern Territory. Being based in Toowoomba again after many years living rural and remote, Marg also enjoys the opportunity to spend time with her family, as well as reading, walking and tending to her garden.

Sharon Gibbard

Sharon is a Registered Nurse with a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations.  For many years she has worked alongside some of Australia’s most respected Indigenous leaders, in an effort to bring about Reconciliation.
Almost 10 years ago Sharon accompanied Michael Long on his walk to Canberra, his message to the then Prime Minister was ‘where is the love’ for our people?
Sharon says “I trust that we are making inroads towards a reconciled Australia, however, whilst Indigenous people are still contracting diseases that we as urban dwellers do not endure, then there is still a way to go”.
Today she uses her experience and nursing skills to support ‘New to Remote’ Nurses during their first placements in Aboriginal communities.
“Remote placements are both challenging and rewarding, they offer opportunities which cannot be found in large hospital environments.  In my role as a Remote Educator I work closely with Nurses to ensure they have sound assessment skills, know how to utilise the Doctor on call, and if required safely transfer a patient to hospital  or to a retrieval service.
Understanding the context of Remote Health and the local programs which operate in communities is vital to providing culturally safe care.  In doing so, a RAHC Nurse can look forward to learning about one of the oldest cultures in the world in a supported environment.

Daniel 'Dan' Dalladay 

Dan has held many different positions but trained as a nurse before anything else. So nursing has paid for his education including a double degree in philosophy and fiction and supported him as he worked his way up in the airlines industry and eventually allowed him to work his way around the world. Dan has also worked in many areas of nursing, starting in rural Bengal and Culcutta in 1984, and on through coronary care, ICU, emergency and psychiatric nursing over the years. Dan first worked for RAHC in 2009, and was quickly drawn to the unique vastness of the remote Australian landscapeand the very spiritual ancient culture that exists there.
In 2012 Dan felt so strongly that he needed to focus on remote Australia that he left a very challenging urban job in mental health and addiction to focus solely on nursing in remote Australia on placement with RAHC. 
Dan finds remote nursing so satisfying because he is able to use so much of the breadth of his nursing knowledge and even philosophy and a sense of humour come in handy. "The challenges are unique and working with Indigenous people in remote is by far the most rewarding work I have ever done."  "To me remote nursing among Indigenous people is a privilege."
Dan enjoys the Remote Educator role because it brings out his "nurturing side, and watching people develop and blossom gives him great joy."

David Fisher

David started his nursing career at the Royal Children’s Hospital at Camperdown NSW whilst still at college in 1989. He graduated from the University of Sydney and commenced work at Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Sydney 1991 and moved with his young family to Lismore in late 1992. David then worked at Lismore Base Hospital for 22 years. During his time there he was heavily involved in chronic disease management including setting up and then running the pulmonary rehabilitation unit for a number of years.
David first joined RAHC in 2011 and has since completed a number of placements each year.
When discussing his experience as a RAHC Health Professional, David said “I’ve always felt supported and encouraged by the team at RAHC and I always knew they were there, ready to help and support me on my placements”.
He has also been on placements where new-to-remote nurses have been supported by the education team and seen those individuals become confident remote practitioners and, as he did, fall in love with remote nursing.
David says, “I will strive to provide appropriate support and encouragement to the new-to remote-nurses to assist with skills development and aim to equip those I support with the tools and skills that I have learnt and been taught by all those remote nurses that have made it a little easier for me in the past. We work remote but we are not alone.”

Kim Henderson

Kim has been working as a Registered Nurse since 1987.  Her nursing experience has mainly been in a small rural hospital in NSW as a Midwife, Registered Nurse and Child and Family Health Nurse.
Kim's first experience in remote nursing was in January 2010 when she completed an 8 week placement with RAHC.  Kim found this initial placement so rewarding that she resigned from her permanent position to do regular placements with RAHC.
Kim hopes that her work as a Remote Educator will support and encourage other nurses to do multiple placements with RAHC so that there will be a regular, stable workforce who are working together to improve Indigenous Health.

Bronwyn Cox

Bronwyn is a Registered Nurse who is highly qualified and who has achieved Post Graduate Certificates in Critical Care (Emergency) and Retrieval Nursing and is also an Advanced Practice Nurse.
Bronwyn was an Enrolled Nurse trained in a country hospital in 1980 and upon completing her Bachelor of Nursing in 2001, she has worked in all areas of the hospital including maternity and theatres. She spent 10 years in Emergency and the last seven as a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS).
When Bronwyn is not remote, she enjoys spending as much time as posisble with her family. She also loves camping and travelling around Australia with her husband and catching up with the chardy aunities (girl friends) when possible.
What drew Bronwyn to RAHC was knowing that after 10 years in Emergency,  she wanted to experience a new challenge. She has always had a great deal of respect for medical and nursing staff who work in remote areas and wanted to see if she was up for the challenge. Joining RAHC in 2013, Bronwyn has completed 10 placements with RAHC and embarked on her first Remote Educator placement in February 2015.
Bronwyn says, "for anyone wanting to challenge themselves take a leap of faith and go remote as the only thing holding you back is an irrational fear of the unknown."