Supporting You

Support throughout your placement

Placement Team

The Placement Team based in the Canberra Office will provide you with key support in the organisation of your placement, your contract, availability, payroll enquiries and support throughout the placement if required.

Travel and Logistics Team

The Travel and Logistics Team will provide you with support regarding all your travel and logistical queries for your placement. The Regional Coordinators (RCs) are your first point of contact whilst on placement as they provide key on-ground support and are available 24/7.

Travel and Logistics Coordinator: Meg Mason | P 08 8942 1650 | M 0437 082 453 | E [email protected]

Top End Regional Coordinator: Leila Soares | P 08 8942 1650 | M 0456 963 364 | E [email protected]

Central Australia and Barkly Regional Coordinator: Karl Chandler | P 08 7904 4004 | M 0400 232 763 | E [email protected]

RAWR Regional Coordinator: Elizabeth Sabino | P 08 8942 1650 | M 0427 623 196 | E [email protected]


Clinical Team

The clinical team consists of a Clinical Manager and Clinical Coordinators (CCs) who are your point of contact for any clinical issues you may encounter while on placement. They provide our health professionals with clinical support, coordinate remote educators, professional development support, clinical education and training.  

Clinical Manager: Emma Thomas | P 08 8942 1650 | M 0457 812 671 | E [email protected] 

Lead Clinical Coordinator: Jennine Lavender | P 08 8942 1650 | M 0428 419 729 | E [email protected] 


Remote Educators

For General Practitioners and Registered Nurses RAHC offers support from a Remote Educator (RE).  RAHC's RE provide support to health professionals on their first RAHC placement assisting with the transition to the remote environment both clinically and culturally. The RE will create an individualised plan of support based on your experience. This support can be arranged for 5 to 14 days of your placement and is arranged through RAHC in consultation with the Health Service.

Cultural and Clinical Orientation Programmes

On your way to your first placement, we will provide you with either an online or face-to-face cultural training in either Alice Springs or Darwin. General Practitioners and Registered Nurses can also undertake a clinical online or face-to-face training day if requested. 

Cultural Orientation Handbook

CRANAplus Bush Support Services

CRANAplus Bush Support Services (BSS) includes a confidential telephone support and debriefing service for remote health professionals and their families. This toll-free service is available 24/7 and is staffed by qualified psychologists with remote and cross-cultural experience. CRANAplus BSS Support line – 1800 805 391

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We also offer an Employee Assistance Program to assist our HPs and their immediate family members with professional and confidential counselling on work and personal matters. EAP: 1800 808 374

Digital support and education

eLearning module suite

RAHC has developed a suite of online clinical training modules designed especially for health professionals working in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders communities in the Northern Territory (NT). The RAHC Introduction to Remote Health Practice Program (online) has been developed as a training resource to provide timely, high quality, orientation and learning materials for RAHC health professionals preparing to work in remote health clinics and services.

For more information about our eLearning modules, please click here.

Who can take part?

HPs with an interest in remote and/or First Nations peoples health are encouraged to undertake this program, especially those already involved with - or considering joining RAHC.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 

A number or organisations have created free modules with some developed to meet criteria for CPD programmes. Appropriate points will be awarded as determined by each respective college.

For more information about these PD modules, please click here.