Indigenous health information

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet is an internet resource making Indigenous health research and knowledge easily accessible.

The HealthInfoNet also encourages health professionals to share information through their ‘Yarning places’ (online forums) with other stakeholders as part of the effort to improve Indigenous health, Yarning Places are designed to allow health professionals, policy makers and other stakeholders to share information and knowledge from different states, regions, backgrounds and communities.

For more information or to get involved in the Yarning Places, please visit the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet website.


The Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

The Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin brings together the latest information about Indigenous health. The HealthBulletin is the online journal of the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet. The Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin is run by the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet.

The purpose of the HealthBulletin is to facilitate access to information of relevance to Australian Indigenous health. Reflecting the wide range of users – policy makers, service providers, researchers, students and the general community – the HealthBulletin attempts to keep people informed of current events of relevance, as well as information about recent research. Research information is provided in two ways – the publication of original research and the presentation of abstracts of research published or presented elsewhere.

To access the Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin please visit the Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin website by following this link



The National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) is a national peak body that represents more than 150 Aboriginal Controlled Community Health Services (ACCHSs) across Australia in remote, rural and urban settings.

The NACCHO website provides an array of information relevant to any health professional working, or looking to work, in Indigenous health

For more information about The National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) and Indigenous health, please visit the NACCHO website.



The Australian Insitiute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) is Australia's national agency for health and welfare statistics and information.  The AIHW provides an internet resource called Closing the Gap Clearing House.  The clearinghouse is a resources for research and evaluation evidence on what works to overcome Indigenous disadvantage.

For more information about The AIHW Closing the Gap Clearing House, please visit the Closing the Gap Clearing House website.


Department of Health: Indigenous and Rural Health Division (IRHD).

The Indigenous and Rural Health Division aims to improve access for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to effective health care services essential to improving health and life expectancy, and reducing child mortality and to improve access to health services for all people living in regional, rural and remote Australia.

The IRHD holds a Publications and Resources Index, the link for this is: IRHD Publications and Resources Index