Indigenous Healthcare Recruitment Drive

Remote Area Health Corps (RAHC) is a Federally-funded not-for-profit programme offering urban-based health professionals opportunities to undertake short-term paid placements (3 weeks – 12 weeks) in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the Northern Territory (NT). 
As a RAHC health professional, you will work as part of a supportive team to deliver primary healthcare in remote communities in the NT. You don’t have to give up your regular job or practice to work with RAHC, as RAHC placements work around your other responsibilities.
To ensure all health professionals feel well prepared and supported for their remote placements, RAHC provides ongoing 24/7 support throughout your placement, cultural orientation, and professional development opportunities through our online eLearning platform. All your travel and accommodation is arranged for by RAHC including, an additional two weeks allowance is provided where isolation is required.
In short, all you need to do is what you do best and focus on delivering high-quality primary healthcare to our First Nations population in the Territory. 

Next Steps

If you are an urban-based Health Professional who meets the eligibility requirements, who would like to get involved, now is the time to start. 
Please note - applying with RAHC does not mean you will be credentialed nor offered placements. Your application allows RAHC to credential you, so when successful, we can contact health services and identify appropriate placements that suit your skills, experience and availability.
To express your interest or apply to the programme, please click the relevant button below:

Craft Groups

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