Strong remote healthcare through strong partnerships

“By working together and providing the support that we need to each of our communities, we know that in partnership with RAHC we can work together to deliver individual and varied support, and address challenges in each of the communities” - Rarrtjiwui Melanie Herdman

Our Indigenous-focused strategy is about filling short-term remote healthcare workforce needs in genuine partnership with your service.

We deeply respect your expertise and knowledge. We reinforce – we don’t compete.

Our pool of skilled and qualified health professionals according to your goals, including:

  • General Practitioners (GP)
  • Registered Nurses (RN)
  • oral health professionals
  • Audiologists

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Indigenous-focussed strategy supporting Closing the Gap

Since 2008, RAHC has been leading an Indigenous-focused strategy to support equity in health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We do this by recruiting and deploying urban health professionals for 3 to 12 weeks to support remote health services.

Only the best health professionals work for RAHC. And we give them 24/7 wrap-around support so they provide your community with safe, quality services.

Being a team of Indigenous-led remote health workforce specialists, we’re placed to deliver a strategy that centres on the Closing the Gap Priority Reforms:

  1. Formal Partnerships and Shared Decision Making
  2. Building the Community-Controlled Sector

We work for and with community. Every solution comes from strong and ongoing relationships where you drive the decisions.

Because of this partnership approach, you get genuine change and the best possible outcomes for people in your community.

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COVID-19 surge support for remote communities outside the NT

RAHC also delivers RAWR, which supports surge capacity in remote communities around Australia. Through RAWR, we help to boost the numbers of GPs and RNs to address the lasting impacts of COVID-19 in remote communities.

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Government-funded, backed by industry

RAHC is a subsidiary of Aspen Medical. RAHC is funded under the Australian Government Department of Health’s Indigenous Australians Health Program (IAHP) to help meet Closing the Gap health targets:

  • Close the gap in life expectancy within a generation, by 2031.

  • Halve the gap in mortality rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children under 5, within a decade.

Trusted as a health workforce specialist

Our team’s led by a majority Indigenous Board. We value local capability and remote experience, bringing health workforce specialist knowledge to the table.

We’re about partner-design solutions. When we work with community, peak bodies and organisations, we partner to place health professionals where they’re needed.

Health professionals return to RAHC for repeat placements because they feel supported with:

  • 24/7 on-call clinical and personal support
  • free in-person and online cultural and clinical training
  • precise logistic planning
  • our team’s and network’s knowledge of remote community and clinic placement and cultural perspective.

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Working in Partnership

We work in genuine partnership with your health service to support your workforce. Together, we can improve access to quality healthcare in your community and support Closing the Gap on health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.