The Remote Area Health Corps (RAHC) would like to remind Health Professionals (HPs) that numerous scholarship and bursary programs are available to rural and remote health workers. One of these programs is the Health Workforce Scholarship Program (HWSP).

The HWSP is a Federal Government initiative delivered through the Rural Workforce Agency Network. The program has been designed to increase access to health services in rural and remote areas by supporting an increase in skills, capacity and scope of practice of the rural health workforce.

Eligible HPs may be offered a scholarship or bursary payment to assist with further study, training and upskilling. Over 12 months, eligible applicants may apply for up to $10,000 between bursary and scholarship applications. This period begins on the date of the first approved conference or course.

HPs working or intending to work in rural or remote primary health care settings, specifically in the fields of medicine, nursing or allied health, including Aboriginal health workers, are eligible to apply. This program has classified rural and remote areas as Modified Monash Model (MMM) 3-7.

To learn more about the scholarship and bursary program, view the applicant guidelines.

To apply, you need to:

  1. check your eligibility by reading the applicant guidelines
  2. collect your supporting documentation
  3. complete the online application form and upload your support documentation.

For more information, contact the HWSP team at:

e: [email protected] 

t: 08 8982 1000 

Visit to apply.