Remote Area Health Corps (RAHC) has launched four new eLearning modules to further assist, educate and strengthen the transition of urban-based health professionals into remote primary healthcare. The new modules will be hosted on a new and improved eLearning platform.

The Remote Nursing Scope of Practice and An Introduction to Remote Driving modules were developed in conjunction with the Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association (CARPA) whilst modules focusing on Trachoma Grading and Trichiasis Grading were developed with Indigenous Eye Health at Melbourne University. Currently, Australia is the only developed country with endemic trachoma, affecting only the Indigenous population, which is notably prevalent within communities in the Northern Territory. The development of these modules, particularly trachoma and trichiasis grading, is an imperative educational tool in assisting health professionals towards eliminating trachoma by 2020. Through further education for both patients and health professionals, there has been a reduction in the rate of blindness amongst Indigenous people from six times the national rate to three times the national rate.    

RAHC’s award-winning eLearning platform, which now boasts 23 modules, has long been central to preparing health professionals to work in remote Indigenous settings. This portal has helped orientate and better prepare health professionals to understand their scope of practice, legal and legislative requirements, cultural awareness and how better to use tools such as the CAPRA manuals to treat clients in remote areas. 

Aaron Richardson, Northern Territory Manager – RAHC, said “The development of four new eLearning modules have been designed to further support health professionals who are interested in working in Indigenous healthcare. Over the past 12 months more than 5,500 modules were completed.  We have already seen a rise in participation numbers since the launch of the new platform in October and there has been keen interest in the Trachoma Grading and Introduction to Remote Driving modules, both of which explore specific challenges faced by health professionals when working in remote Indigenous healthcare. 

“With this move to the new portal, we are now in a position to develop eLearning modules more efficiently.  We will be looking to develop more modules and partner with more organisations to create relevant educational eLearning content. This will offer support to all health professionals to make a smooth transition to working within a remote Indigenous community.”

The new eLearning portal is accessible through the website.

The RAHC program is currently funded by the Australian Government until 30 June 2019.