Remote-area healthcare is highly rewarding yet highly challenging. "Self-care is the key to avoiding burnout in the bush. It is both prevention and cure", CRANAplus Bush Support Guide. To support health professionals working remote, RAHC is proud to announce the launch of its new free eLearning module - Resilience and Self-Care Out Bush. 
This module is the first of its kind to be developed, providing health professionals with a resource that explores self-care practices and strategies to help maintain or improve your emotional wellbeing and resilience while working out bush. 

RAHC’s award-winning eLearning platform, which now boasts 35 modules, has long been central to preparing health professionals to work in remote Indigenous settings. This portal has helped orientate and better prepare health professionals to understand their scope of practice, legal and legislative requirements, cultural awareness and how better to use tools such as the CAPRA manuals to treat clients in remote areas.

David Glasson, National Manager – RAHC, said “The development of this new eLearning module was designed to support health professionals who are interested in working in First Nations healthcare. Working out bush can be both challenging and difficult at times. However, there are many positives and rewarding aspects to remote work. Keeping these positives in mind can help remote-area health professionals to maintain balance and perspective.”

RAHC would like to thank our reviewers for their valuable contribution to the module.
The RAHC program is currently funded by the Australian Government until 30 June 2022.

To access the module, please click here