The Remote Area Health Corps has offices in Canberra, Darwin and Alice Springs. Meet our Team below

Tanya Brunt - National Manager

Tanya Brunt, RAHC's National Manager is based in the Canberra office and leads all RAHC offices including Alice Springs, Darwin and Canberra. Tanya has worked with RAHC for over six years since she joined the team in 2010 as Placement Manager and has a deep understanding of the Indigenous health sector. Tanya actively liaises with RAHC’s stakeholders and funding body, the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health in the Department of Health.

In her role as Placement Manger she was responsible for the recruitment of General Practitioners for placements in the Northern Territory and managed and provided guidance to the team of placement consultants specialising in dentistry, nursing and audiology.  Prior to joining RAHC Tanya worked in the ICT, banking and government sectors.

Fiona Hildebrand - Acting NT Manager 

Fiona Hildebrand is the acting Manager for the Northern Territory based in Darwin. She is a registered nurse with wide-ranging experience in remote nursing having worked in a variety of clinics across Australia. She brings to RAHC her extensive clinical background in primary health care nursing and preventative program work in communities.

In her role, Fiona will provide clinical support to all health professionals (HPs) coming to the Top End.  She will also have responsibility for the eLearning website, clinical orientation and professional development for RAHC HPs.

Tess McGuigan - Regional Coordinator, Top End

Our Regional Coordinator in Darwin is Tess McGuigan. She is the primary contact for all health professionals undertaking their placement in the Top End.  

With a background in marketing and logistics, Tess brings to the role a range of experiences with a strong focus on operations and customer service. During her spare time, Tess loves to indulge in her passions for cooking and practising yoga.                 

Samarah Wood - Regional Coordinator, Central Australia and Barkly

Samarah Wood commenced working with RAHC as a driver in Central Australia in 2016 and has transported many of our health professionals throughout Central Australia.

With a background in operations and logistics management, Samarah is well suited to the Regional Coordinator role. She has extensive tourism  experience and previously was the Assistant Manager of Domain Resort of North Stradbroke island. She also managed her own photography business in Brisbane and spends time still pursuing her passion of freelance photography.

Meg Mason - Travel and Logistics Coordinator, Top End

Meg Mason was welcomed to the Darwin RAHC team in February 2019 as Travel and Logistics Coordinator. She will be the point of contact for nurses travelling to and from placements in the Top End.

Meg has significant experience of working and living in remote and rural parts of the Territory, making her a valued addition to the RAHC team. During her spare time, especially when she is working remote, Meg loves to spend her time fishing and cooking. 

Jasmyn Fisher - Travel and Logistics Coordinator, Top End

Jasmyn Fisher joined the RAHC team in April 2019 as the Travel and Logistics Coordinator responsible for booking and coordinating the movements of all Dental, General Practitioners and Audiologists. She will be located in Darwin.

Jasmyn has extensive administrative and human resource skills from her background as a small business owner. She is currently studying for a Batchelor of Psychology degree, and in her spare time she can be found walking her dogs, feeding her chickens, gardening and photographing all things nature.  

Candice Catterall - Placement Manager, Canberra

RAHC’s Placement Manager, Candice Catterall, manages the Placement Team and recruitment of General Practitioners. She is also RAHC's Quality Coordinator and Secretary for the RAHC Board. 

Candice has worked for RAHC since 2011 and had previously managed the recruitment of Registered Nurses and Allied Health.

Prior to commencing with RAHC Candice worked as an Employment Assistant Consultant with a Job Services Australia agency where she was responsible for placing candidates of varied skill levels and with varied barriers in a number of industries across Canberra.


Jeff Imms - Placement Consultant, Canberra

Jeff Imms, RAHC’s Placement Consultant, joined the team in December of 2017. He is responsible for looking after placements for Registered Nurses, Midwives, Allied Health, Oral Health and Ear Health.

Jeff has a background in retail, sales and data entry. Prior to joining RAHC, he was in a data entry role with Prime Media Group and subsequently worked with Kincare where he scheduled rosters for in-home aged and disability care.

Jake Mackenzie - Administration Officer

Jake Mackenzie joined the RAHC Canberra team in June 2018 and works as an Administration Officer in the RAHC Canberra Office supporting the Placement team.

Jake previously worked at the Housing Industry Association and has 3 years’ experience in customer service and administration. He also has a passion for sports, playing hockey in winter months and Oztag in the summer. 

Norma Benger - Cultural Orientation Trainer, Darwin

As a part of our support system for Health Professionals, RAHC offers Cultural Orientation Training in-house through an experienced trainer with subject-matter expertise, Norma Benger. 

Norma has impressive credentials and a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in the area of delivering cultural orientation. She is a proud Marathiel/Murinpatha woman who originates from the west Daly River Region who has worked within the healthcare sector as a Community Consultant and Cultural Educator Mentor, as well as working with the local bush court circuit as an Interpreter/coordinator.

Norma is also an established artist and weaver who regular holds exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Stella Wei - Finance Manager, Canberra

Stella Wei joined Aspen group in 2012 and has worked on various jobs including, but not limited to Ebola project, group taxes, overseas subsidiaries management, etc.

She recently moved on to the RAHC project in November 2016 and is responsible for financial and management reporting, budget and cash management, and overseeing financial operations.

Stella has a Master degree of Professional Accounting and Bachelor of Law. She is currently a provisional member of Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia.

Nisreen Hamzeh - Finance Officer, Canberra

Nisreen Hamzeh, RAHC’s Finance Officer, joined the team in December 2018 and is responsible for accounts receivable, accounts payable, day-to-day accounting tasks and assisting with financial reporting.

Nisreen brings a well-rounded experience from her roles in Administration and Payroll after completing a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Canberra where she majored in Accounting and Marketing Management. Nisreen, in her spare time, loves exploring nature and spending time with family. 


In Memoriam

Annette Walker
Annette Walker
1973 to 2012

Annette Walker passed away on December 30 2012.

Annette was a valued member of the RAHC team. She joined RAHC in 2009 as a consultant and then became Placement Manager in 2010. Annette was dedicated to her work, colleagues and supporting health professionals achieve successful placements. In recent times she had been responsible for GP placements and had successfully applied her many skills to building the volume of these placements. It was a pleasure to work with her and enjoy her vivacious personality, her caring nature and commitment to getting the job done. Annette is survived by her husband and 3 beautiful boys.