The Remote Area Health Corps has offices in Canberra, Darwin and Alice Springs. Meet our Team below:

 David Glasson - National Manager

David Glasson - National Manager of Remote Area Health Corps

We are pleased to announce the appointment of David Glasson as its National Manager. David commenced this position on 17 February 2020.

As the previous CEO of the not-for-profit companies Victorian Metropolitan Alliance and Eastern Victoria GP Training, David brings a wealth of experience to the role. He has spent 15 years organising education and training for health professionals to deliver quality primary healthcare across Australia.

David also brings a deep understanding of the Indigenous healthcare sector having spent many years focused on addressing the uneven distribution of the workforce within regional areas of Victoria, including in Indigenous communities.

David will be based in at RAHC’s Canberra head office from where he will lead the Northern Territory teams in Alice Springs and Darwin 

Fiona Hildebrand - Clinical Manager, currently on leave

Fiona Hildebrand - Clinical Manager

Fiona Hildebrand is the Clinical Manager based in Darwin. She is a Registered Nurse with wide-ranging experience in remote nursing having worked in a variety of health services across Australia. She has an extensive clinical background in primary health care nursing and preventative program work in communities. Fiona has a Masters in Public Health, a Graduate Certificate in Social Marketing for Health, and a Graduate Certificate in Remote Health Practice. 

In her role as Clinical Manager, Fiona will provide clinical support to all health professionals (HPs) coming to the Northern Territory. She will also have responsibility for managing, promoting and supporting professional development (PD) for HPs including overseeing the eLearning platform, the Remote Educator programme and the clinical orientation for new-to-remote HPs. 

In her spare time, Fiona teaches Indigenous health to Bachelor of Nursing students, tries to reign herself in from buying more indoor plants and attempts to train her ball of energy dog Heli with her husband Irawan.

Tony Lane - Acting Clinical Manager and Lead Clinical Coordinator

Tony Lane - RAHC Lead Clinical Coordinator
Tony Lane has been appointed the Lead Clinical Coordinator and will be working out of the RAHC Darwin office. He is a highly experienced Registered Nurse who brings extensive clinical knowledge and remote clinical experience to the role. Tony has previously worked in primary healthcare positions across Australia, New Zealand and more recently in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. 
Tony is the friendly face who will provide clinical support to all Health Professionals (HPs) travelling to the NT to undertake a RAHC placement. He is also responsible for the Remote Educator support programme and will be handling professional development reimbursements for all the RAHC HPs. 
Tony is an avid traveller, both nationally and internationally, embracing different cultures, sites and sounds from all of his adventures. In his spare time, you will find Tony enjoying a coffee and looking at where his next trip will take him. 

Rhi Hutcheson - Clinical Coordinator, Central Australia and Barkly

Rhi Hutcheson - RAHC Clinical Coordinator, Central and Barkley Region
Rhi Hutcheson is the Clinical Coordinator for Central Australia who is based our of the Alice Springs office. She is in charge of maintaining any clinical matters that arise in Central Australia as well as updating the RAHC eLearning platform. 
Rhi has a deep love for nursing and brings a wide range of expertise to the role. After graduating with a Graduate Certificate in Remote Health Practice from Flinders University, she has gone on to specialise in emergency, pediatric and remote area nursing. In her spare time, Rhi loves hiking, camping and being outdoors.

Jennine Lavender - Clinical Coordinator, RAWR Programme 

Jennine Lavender - RAHC Clinical Coordinator, RAWR Programme
Jennine Lavendar is the RAWR Clinical Coordinator who is based in WA. She has provided 40 plus years of care working as a Registered Nurse predominantly in rural and remote locations all around Australia which include some of our island communities.    
As the Clinical Coordinator, Jennine is currently responsible for clinically supporting all the Health Professional who are undertaking a RAWR placement which falls outside of the NT. In particular, Jennine enjoys working, mentoring and guiding health professionals into a remote practice. 
During her spare time, Jennine as a keen interest in photography, which has become a skill well utilised in many of the more beautiful she has had the opportunity to work or visit. Other hobbies of Jennine's include golf, hiking, snorkelling and travelling to new destinations both home in Australia and overseas.

Tess McGuigan - Travel and Logistics Manager 

Tess McGuigan - RAHC Regional Coordinator
Our Travel and Logistics Manager is Tess McGuigan. Tess is based in our Darwin office managing the Travel and Logistics team whilst providing logistical support to all health professionals completing a placement with RAHC.

With a background in marketing and logistics, Tess brings a range of experiences with a strong focus on operations and customer service. She delivers a well-managed and considerate journey for all health professionals coming to the Northern Territory. During her spare time, Tess loves to indulge in her passion for cooking and yoga.  

Holly Cunningham- Regional Coordinator, Top End

Holly Cunningham - RAHC Regional Coordinator for Top End
Holly Cunningham is our Regional Coordinator for the Top End and will be the primary point of contact for all Health Professionals undertaking placements in this region. She has recently joined the team after spending time living in New Zealand. 
Holly has a background in Health from Macquarie University and has spent many years developing her experience in customer service, administration, risk management and sales. 
Having spent time volunteering with the youth in the remote community of Papunya, Holly has developed a strong passion for working with Indigenous communities. She will be the first to tell you to go out bush, into the heart of Australia and learn about our history. 

Karl Chandler - Regional Coordinator, Central Australia and Barkly

Karl Chandler - RAHC Regional Coordinator for Central Australia and Barkly

Karl Chandler is our Regional Coordinator for Central Australia and Barkly.

He brings vast experience to the role with a background in transport and logistics. Karl will be the primary point of contact for all Health Professional undertaking placements in this region.

Karl has lived in the Northern Territory for over 28 years. During this time, he has been working and living in remote parts of the Territory acquiring significant experience in operational roles including training, compliance and workplace health and safety.

In his spare time, Karl loves to spend time with his family, read ancient literature and travel.  

Matt Biersteker- Regional Coordinator, Australia-wide

Matt Biersteker - RAHC Regional Coordinator for Australia-wide placements

Matt Biersteker is our Regional Coordinator for the RAWR programme. He is the primary point of contact for all Health Professionals travelling to and from placements throughout Australia. 

After spending significant time working in remote areas of the Kimberley, Matt brings extensive experience to the role. He has been instrumental in the development of logistical solutions and operational procedures during the implementation of the RAWR Programme. 
During his free time, Matt enjoys exploring the NT, fishing and spending time with his newly rescued greyhound Isla.

Meg Mason - Travel and Logistics Coordinator

Meg Mason - RAHC Travel of Logistics Team Leader
Meg Mason is the Katherine-based Travel and Logistics Coordinator and is the point of contact for all Health Professionals travelling to and from placements in the Northern Territory. 
Meg has significant experience of working and living in remote and rural parts of the Territory, making her a valued addition to the RAHC team. During her spare time, especially when she is working remote, Meg loves to spend her time fishing and cooking. 

Bronte Agostini - Project Officer

Bronte Agostini - Project Officer of Remote Area Health Corps
Bronte Agostini is the Canberra-based Project Officer leading the data migration projects across the Remote Area Health Corps programme. 
With a strong background in administration and customer service, Bronte brings over five years of experience to her role in the recruitment of Health Professionals Australia-Wide. She also has a Certificate III in Business which she completed as a part of an Australian School-based Apprenticeship.
Outside of the programme, Bronte has a love for fashion, styling, beauty and fitness. 

Jake Mackenzie - Placement Coordinator

Jake Mackenzie - Placement Coordinator of Remote Area Health Corps
Jake Mackenzie is one of our RAHC Placement Coordinator, who is responsible for looking after placements for Oral and Allied Health. Based in the Canberra office, Jake has taken on his new Coordinator role whilst maintaining his position as RAHC's Administration Officer.  
Jake previously worked at the Housing Industry Association and has three years’ experience in customer service and administration. He also has a passion for sports, playing hockey in winter months and Oztag in the summer. 

Kirsti Randall - Placement Coordinator

Kirsti Randall - Placement Coordinator of Remote Area Health Corps
Kirsti Randall is the Placement Coordinator of RAHC based out of the Canberra office. She is responsible for RAWR and Registered Nurse placements. 
Having obtained her Certificate III in Travel and Hospitality, Kirsti brings considerable knowledge and experience from her previous roles in the travel and tourism sector. She has also worked for one of Australia’s leading airlines as a corporate consultant and sales support administrator before moving into retail travel as an international consultant. 
In her free time, Kirsti likes learning about different destinations and cultures around the world.

Jennylyn Laspinas - Administration and Credentialing Officer

Jennylyn Laspinas - Remote Area Health Corps Administration and Credentialing Officer
Jennylyn Laspinas is our Administration and Credentialing Officer for the Canberra RAHC team. Jennylyn is the primary contact to assist all Health Professionals through the Application and Credentialing process. 
Jennylyn has been in the Administration and Customer Service industry for over six years and has background experience in Dental Assisting in urban clinics. 
During her spare time, Jennylyn is a university student who studies Bachelor of Psychology while finding time to travel and discover the next exciting adventure.

Norma Benger - Cultural Orientation Trainer

Norma Benger - RAHC Cultural Trainer

As a part of our support system for Health Professionals, RAHC offers Cultural Orientation Training in-house through an experienced trainer with subject-matter expertise, Norma Benger. 

Norma has impressive credentials and a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in the area of delivering cultural orientation. She is a proud Marathiel/Murinpatha woman who originates from the west Daly River Region who has worked within the healthcare sector as a Community Consultant and Cultural Educator Mentor, as well as working with the local bush court circuit as an Interpreter/coordinator.

Norma is also an established artist and weaver who regular holds exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Glory Mak - Finance Manager

Glory Mak - Remote Area Health Corps Finance Manager

Glory Mak, the Canberra-based Finance Manager, is currently responsible for overseeing all the financial operations for the RAHC programme including financial reporting, budgeting and cash management.

With over 10 years experience in a variety of financial management and accountancy roles, Glory is a certified accountant with CPA Australia. During her spare time, one of her favourite things to do is hot yoga.


Fahad Nawaz - Finance Officer 

Fahad Nawaz - Remote Area Health Corps Finance Officer
Fahad Nawaz is the RAHC Finance Officer and is responsible for accounts receivable, accounts payable, day-to-day accounting tasks as well as assisting the Financial Manager with the financial reporting. 
With a Master Degree in Professional Account, Fahad brings the team a vast range of knowledge and experience across the financial and accounting procedures. 
Fahad, in his spare time, loves to travel and will take any opportunity to explore new places.



In Memoriam

Annette Walker
1973 to 2012

Annette Walker passed away on December 30 2012.

Annette was a valued member of the RAHC team. She joined RAHC in 2009 as a consultant and then became Placement Manager in 2010. Annette was dedicated to her work, colleagues and supporting health professionals achieve successful placements. In recent times she had been responsible for GP placements and had successfully applied her many skills to building the volume of these placements. It was a pleasure to work with her and enjoy her vivacious personality, her caring nature and commitment to getting the job done. Annette is survived by her husband and 3 beautiful boys.