COVID-19 surge support

We aim to improve access to quality healthcare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We do this as an Indigenous outcome-led organisation delivering an Indigenous-focussed strategy. Through RAWR we work in close partnership with your team on the frontline of the COVID-19 response.

If COVID-19 continues to impact your eligible ACCHS (Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services) or health clinic workforce, RAWR can help with surge capacity to overcome the lasting effects of the pandemic. For example, through support for clinics behind in health checks and vaccinations.

RAHC respects your deep understanding of local healthcare and cultural needs. Your goals inform how we assist through RAWR. Our urban health professionals work with you for up to 12 weeks to support your workforce.

Do more with RAWR

The RAWR programme is a vital workforce response to COVID-19 and has helped distribute vaccines throughout remote Australia. It is extremely rewarding to build relationships with clinics and health professionals and know that every person placed makes a difference.’ – Luke Platten, RAWR Workforce Officer

We’ve delivered RAWR since 2020. Some of the things our health professionals have helped with include:

  • providing professional, accessible health checks
  • COVID-19 testing and treatment
  • giving vaccines.

Our joint responsibility for a culturally responsive workforce

To make sure healthcare professionals are ready and supported for their remote work, we provide:

  • ongoing 24/7 support
  • cultural orientation
  • professional development opportunities
  • travel and accommodation
  • an extra two-week allowance if they must isolate.

Health professionals work within your organisation. You’ll supervise and support them culturally throughout their placement.

With your help, they can build trust with the local community to provide a safe and quality service.

Eligibility for RAWR

To be eligible for support through RAWR, your community must have an MMM6-7 classification (‘remote’ or ‘very remote’) under the Modified Monash Model.

To check eligibility and apply to be a RAHC health professional, see: