RAHC has appointed Kristy-Lee Owens as our new Canberra-based Placement Team Leader

Kristy has a wide breadth of experience making her ideal for the role of Placement Team Leader. She previously served as a soldier in the Australian Defence Force before moving into the private sector, where she spent over a decade focusing on recruitment for medical services. Her previous experience and deep understanding of the medical recruitment sector ensures the smooth delivery of health professional placements to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. “It is so good to have Kristy-Lee back within the broader Aspen Medical family. Kristy previously worked with the Federally-funded Rural Locum Assistance Program as a Program Officer before heading off to the north of Australia, where she spent time supporting the challenges of rostering within Darwin Hospital. After several years away, Kristy is back in Canberra with RAHC. She will be guiding the Placement Team to help them continue to bring a positive impact to the remote communities we serve. We are grateful to have someone so experienced leading the RAHC Placement Team,” said David Glasson, RAHC National Manager. In her role, Kristy will manage the Placement Team to support all Health Professionals completing their placement with RAHC.

Friday, 14 May 2021