The Remote Area Health Corps in 2021

Despite challenges presented by COVID-19, the Remote Area Health Corps (RAHC) has continued to support health services in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout 2021. 

This year, RAHC has overseen the placement of over 400 HPs across 55 communities in the Northern Territory (NT). This equates to a total of 1442.4 weeks of service. 

The Remote ACCHS Workforce Response (RAWR) programme has coordinated 48 placements in 21 communities around Australia. RAWR not only responded to the COVID-19 induced HP shortage but has also contributed to the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations in community. 

In September 2021, RAHC was excited to welcome Leila Smith and Geoff Richardson to the Board and in November, Operations Manager Tess McGuigan was appointed as Acting National Manager. Additionally, 78 newly credentialed HPs have joined the team, along with:

  • Emma Thomas, Clinical Manager
  • Billie O’Keefe, Clinical Support Officer
  • Leila Soares, Regional Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Sabino, Regional Coordinator, RAWR
  • Luke Platten, Placement Coordinator, RAWR
  • Kaitlin Forbes, Regional Coordinator
  • Ceah David, Credentialing Officer
  • Kristy-Lee Owens, Placement Team Leader 
  • Celine Berge, Placement Coordinator.

“Our team and HPs have worked extremely hard to make placements happen over the last year. These placements have contributed to the improved health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in remote communities. I am proud of everyone’s efforts to supplement the work of the health services and look forward to what 2022 will bring,” says A/g National Manager Tess McGuigan.

If you are interested in contributing to closing the healthcare gap in 2022, visit: 

Wednesday, 22 December 2021