We received some wonderful pictures from one of our Senior Dental Therapists, Angela Rankin, who recently had her first placement in Galiwin'ku (Arnhem Region). “It was a fantastic experience working remote for the first time and I will be definitely doing more!” says Angela.

Many RAHC health professionals have been placed in the wonderful community of Galiwin’ku, a major community on Elcho Island where the Aboriginal people have lived for more than 40,000 years. It boasts of fine balanced weather, much lower humidity and the possibility of becoming colder by Territory standards during June/July. Areas of the Island consist of tropical rainforests, tidal creeks and large cliff areas containing brightly coloured ochre rocks which are used for body paint for ceremonies as well as for making paint for art works.

The region has two Health Centres - Marthakal Homeland Health Service and Ngalkanbuy Health Centre. The former is responsible for 13 homelands, four communities on the mainland and nine communities on the Island and Ngalkanbuy Health Centre, the latter provide acute support to outstations when requested by Marthakal Resource Centre.

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