Audiology Australia’s AudA 2021 Conference

The Audiology Australia AudA Conference is a CPD event for those in the audiology field looking to delve further into scientific research and education. This year’s theme, Audiology at the Cutting Edge: Connections for a Reimagined Future, intends to reflect the opportunity for field professionals to shape the future of audiology. 

Throughout 2020, the audiology profession demonstrated significant agility and innovation allowing them to adapt to unprecedent challenges and new technology. This conference provided an opportunity for colleagues to network, reflect on past experience and plan for the future. Given the prevelance of COVID-19, this conference was held with a focus on safety and flexibility. This means attendees were able to tailor their conference experience by either attending online or face-to-face at  the several learning hubs around Australia.  

This year, RAHC was delighted to sponsor registration for 24 delegates from across the country to attend the Audiology Australia 2021 Conference and in some cases, overnight accommodation was also provided. The sponsorships were open to those completing their Internship and Early Career Audiologists, within three years of graduation. 

Through this sponsorship, RAHC raised awareness within the audiology community about opportunities for placements in rural and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Friday, 30 July 2021