Take your skills north - Eleanor Harrex RN

Canberra-based Registered Nurse Eleanor Harrex recently completed her eighth RAHC placement, in Ramingining, 560 kilometres east of Darwin.

Eleanor says she loves the challenge and the experience of working in remote Indigenous communities.

“When I come home I really miss it. I miss it because I really do feel like I’m making a difference up here,” Eleanor said.

“From my time working in the ACT health sector I have gained skills in maternal and children’s health and this really helps me with my work in the communities.

“But it’s even just simple things like encouraging them to take their medication and eat healthily. Teaching them about basic cleanliness really makes a difference.”

When asked what motivated her to join the RAHC program Eleanor said it was the thought of a new challenge and opportunity.

“I suppose I was a bit bored with my regular work and just thought there was a real need there and if I could help in some small way it would be really good.

“Ongoing support in these communities is key and I would encourage anyone looking to make a difference to get on board.”

The opportunity for urban-based health professionals to broaden their horizons and make a difference to Indigenous health is easily achievable through RAHC.

“With the support of RAHC, you could be helping to vaccinate children in Timber Creek, providing aged care in Ramingining or working with young mothers in Ampilatwatja. The opportunities to work to help close the gap are endless,” Eleanor said.

Through RAHC placements, health professionals can make a difference by helping to improve access to services and health outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

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Monday, 30 July 2012