Your access to the Health Professional Login on the RAHC website

All RAHC Health Professionals have access to the Health Professional Login section on the RAHC website via a unique username and password. The generic username and password familiar to Health Professionals who have been involved with RAHC for many years no longer grants access. We have prepared some instructions below to help you log in for the first time.

Please note your username and password for the Health Professional login is different from those of your RAHC eLearning account.

What is the Health Professional Login?

The Health Professional Login has two key purposes – one is to give you access to information such as policies, forms and resources that we don’t make available to the general public and the other is to allow you to manage your individual communication preferences for the monthly RAHC eBulletin.
We recommend you visit this section often as we regularly update it.

How to log in for the first time

If it is your first time logging in to the Health Professional Login, please follow these instructions to access your account.

Visit, or from any page on the RAHC website, in both the top and bottom bars you will see a link to click ‘Health Professional Login’.

You will see a page that looks like this:

Rather than enter a username and password – which you may not know yet, click the tab that says ‘Request a new password’ and you will be taken to the following screen:

Enter the email address that RAHC has on file for you then click ‘Email new password’.

If you receive a message on the page that says the email address isn’t recognised, please contact the RAHC team as it means we either have an old email for you or we have to manually reset your account for you to start using it.

When your email address is accepted (as in it doesn’t warn you it isn’t recognised) the website will automatically email you a link to click to reset your password. This email will also contain your username for your reference.

This email will come from the address [email protected] – the company that develops and hosts our website. It isn’t spam, however sometimes this email gets automatically put in your spam folder by your email provider. If you don’t see it in your inbox within about ten minutes – check your spam folder and make sure you mark it as ‘Not spam’.

Follow the instructions in the email you receive and click the link provided. You will be taken to a screen that looks like this:

Your password will now have been reset, so click ‘Log in’. You will be taken to a screen that looks like this:

You will notice on this page (though not in the above example) your username and email address will already be written in the appropriate boxes for you. On this page, you must choose your own password and then re-enter it as per the on-screen instruction.

You also have the option to manage your communication preferences. By default, you will be set to receive all news types from RAHC once a month. You can de-select things you are not interested in. If you ever opt to not receive any emails from us, rather than delete your account, which takes away your ability to access to the Health Professional Login, you can de-select all news types and you will no longer receive eBulletins from us.

Click ‘Save’ and you have completed setting up your account.

Now you are logged in and from any page in the website, what previously said ‘Health Professional Login’ in the header and footer just says ‘Health Professionals’. Click that link and you can access the section.

Returning to the Health Professional Login

Once you have logged in for the first time and chosen a unique password using the instructions above, you can return to it anytime. If you are returning to the RAHC website from the same computer and didn’t previously log out, you may notice that you are still logged in from your previous session. For this reason, it is important to remember that if accessing this section from a shared computer (such as a shared work computer, public library or a friend’s computer) you should always click the ‘Log out’ link on the top right of the screen.
If you return to the RAHC website and you are not automatically logged in, just click the ‘Health Professional Login’ link at the top or bottom of the screen. Again, you will see the login screen like this:


If you have any trouble accessing this section or resetting your password, please contact the RAHC Team.