RAHC Remote Educators Programme

The Remote Area Health Corps provides our new Health Professionals with a range of support systems at every stage of their placements, one of which is our Remote Educator (RE) programme.

The RE programme provides support to our new-to-remote (NTR) Registered Nurses (RNs) on their first RAHC placement. RAHC Remote Educators (REs) assist new HPs with their transition to the clinical and cultural environment of remote primary healthcare.

Before their first placement, NTR RNs are required to attend a two day Cultural and Clinical Orientation. These sessions are run by the RAHC Clinical team and are an opportunity for HPs to ask questions and learn essential skills for future placements.

Once the NTR HP is scheduled for their first placement, an RE is assigned to accompany them. Before travelling to community, the RE will contact the new HP to work out a personalised support plan based on the HPs experience. The plan may include learning new patient data systems (PCIS or Communicare), learning how to use specific medical equipment, becoming familiar with resources and support systems, using the CARPA manual, and learning any other unfamiliar processes.

This support may be arranged for periods of 5 to 14 days and is organised through RAHC in consultation with the Health Service.  

If you are interested in applying to the RAHC programme, click here.


Friday, 4 February 2022